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Responsible economy

At Orange Luxembourg, we do our best to ensure the well-being and personal and professional development of everyone.

Promoting diversity

The company has been rewarded for various aspects of its organization by:

  • The "Actions Positives" label

  • The GEEIS certification (Gender Equality European & International Standard)

These underline our efforts to promote gender equality in the workplace, both in decision-making and in the reconciliation of private and professional life.

Alexandre SCHUELLER, Human Ressources Director - Orange Luxembourg:

"(...) The "Positive Actions" program has enabled us to strengthen certain areas such as women's access to positions of responsibility, equal pay for women and men, work/life balance and gender diversity in all professions, particularly in the technical professions."

In this regard, 70% of Orange Luxembourg's employees have already taken the "Diversity and Gender Equity" training, with a target of 100% by 2025.

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Promoting professional integration

Orange Luxembourg has a proactive policy of integrating young people into the company. In 2022, no less than 21 interns, work-study students or VIEs were welcomed into the company.

We are extending this integration policy through events and partnerships:

  • Kraizbierg Foundation: an establishment offering professional integration workshops for people with motor disabilities. The design and conception of our 10,000 paper bags distributed in the shop was developed thanks to this partnership.

  • TN'Teens : event gathering high school students for a day of challenges and learning around various technological concepts (coding, design thinking, blockchain, cybersecurity...)

Supporting innovation

Through various partnerships and events, Orange Luxembourg is keen to highlight the relevant innovations emerging in Luxembourg.

Every year, for example, the Orange Fab of Orange Luxembourg and Belgium takes place. For its 5th edition, the chosen themes were AR, VR and metaverse. At the end of the event, a 6-month support to help the development of their project.

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