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Orange attended the 'Connecting Tomorrow' event with a large number of innovations

Press Release
Press Release

Luxembourg, October 8th 2021

The 'Connecting Tomorrow' event took place from 5 to 7 October. Organised at LuxExpo The Box and online, the event was entirely dedicated to 5G and the communication technologies of the future. Through several demonstrations, the telecommunication operator Orange presented various possibilities offered by the new ultra high-speed and low-latency network standards.

Orange Luxembourg, as a telecom operator constantly looking for innovation, was present at the exhibition 'Connecting Tomorrow - 5G, broadband and beyond' organised by the Luxembourg government's Media, Communications and Digital Service. From 5 to 7 October 2021 at LuxExpo The Box in Kirchberg, as well as on an online platform, the event addressed the topic of 5G connectivity in all its facets. Orange Luxembourg was present during the three-day event with seven demonstrations featuring 5G, Fiber and LiFi.

A hologram thanks to 5G

One of them presented an innovative product with high potential: a holographic telepresence booth, commercialised by the company Newton Lab Space, to which Orange, as a partner, has plugged 5G in order to multiply its deployability.

Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication - Orange Luxembourg

"This technology makes remote communication even more human, as it allows the person being filmed to be represented in 4K as a hologram and to be able to see, hear and interact with them. But to work optimally with high-definition image quality, the booth requires a high connection rate and low latency, which is what 5G offers."

Thanks to this wireless connectivity, the booth can for example be easily and quickly set up in places hosting professional and public events (trade fairs, stadiums, auditoriums, etc.) or in shops.

LiFi with Fiber and 5G connection and virtual reality experience

Orange showcased LiFi, a wireless communication technology that uses visible light or infrared to send and receive information.

Connected to Fiber or to a 5G box, LiFi offers very high speed communications, with very low latency and enhanced security. In parallel, an OCC (Optical Camera Communication) connected lamp provided visitors with smartphone access to Orange Luxembourg offers.

It was also possible to discover Orange's virtual reality application "Immersive Now", which allows visitors to experience live sports or music events in full immersion, and gives access to a complete catalogue of on demand immersive videos.

5G for Industry 4.0

In addition to these B2C demonstrations, Orange Luxembourg also demonstrated solutions more dedicated to the B2B sector.

A fourth demonstration focused on the AMA product, developed by a start-up with the support of Orange. It consists in connected glasses that allow technicians working on a construction site to interact with the supervision center and to be guided by an expert in real time, as if the latter was present on site.

Finally, in partnership with Nokia, Orange unveiled the benefits of 5G for the industrial sector. For example, a demonstration showed how 5G could change production lines in the world of car manufacturing.

Gilbert Marciano, Head of Customer Marketing for Orange - Nokia

"Today, robots are already used in the manufacturing of a new car in a factory: each of them has a very specific task on the production line. The human being, on the other hand, is there to control quality and intervene in the event of an incident. With 4G, we can add a degree of autonomy to the robots. They can find their way around the factory, detect obstacles, but we still don't have complete flexibility in operations. Thanks to 5G, we can shift the robots' intelligence to the cloud and control their movements from there. We are no longer in a sequential mode, everything is parallelized, which means we can build faster."

The final demonstration illustrated how 5G could improve the health and safety of workers in different industries.

Marc Jadoul, Strategic Marketing Director - Nokia

"By analysing and combining data from various digital technologies (tracking systems, IoT sensors, video cameras, drones, remote-controlled machinery, etc.) that need high mobile broadband and low latency, 5G can provide a 360° real-time overview of people, infrastructure and environmental conditions in a workplace. And it does this with highly reliable, always-on network coverage that can handle massive amounts of data simultaneously. This not only enhances health and safety, but also prevents productivity lapses and increases operational efficiency."