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Orange Reprise

Orange Luxembourg buys back your mobile phone at the best market price

You can save up to €700 on your new smartphone, by recycling your old smartphones into a voucher.

4 quick and easy steps to trade in your mobile

  1. Estimate the trade-in value of your old phone

  2. Confirm the estimation in the shop

  3. Choose your new mobile phone

  4. Enjoy your new smartphone with the plan that suits you best

Want to estimate the value of your mobile phone before heading to the shop?

It's possible thanks to the tool below from our partner CompaRecycle.

Please note that the price shown above should be considered as an indication. It may vary every day depending on the value of your mobile on the market. This offer is only valid in our Orange shops. The actual value of the phone advertised in the shop may differ from the estimated value on our website. The value announced by the Orange salesmen in the shop is the authentic value. If your phone is not listed, we invite you to go to the shop. If the amount indicated by our estimation tool is 0€, Orange will take your phone back to be recycled by offering you 2€ per phone to be used the same day in the shop on an accessory or a phone. Offer limited to 10 phones per year per person.

Learn more about the Orange trade-in.

Rɘ Program

Orange Reprise is part of the Rɘ Program: Redeem, Reconditioned, Recycling, Reparation.

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