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Wi-Fi Extender

Boost your internet connection with the Wi-Fi Extender

The time when only a single PC was enough for the whole family is over. Now everyone has their own device for browsing the net. But not only that.

Nowadays: we stream, we play online, we scroll through social networks, we even call each other via video and every corner of the house is in demand. All these activities require flawless connectivity. Unfortunately, one router is not enough to supply every room in your house.

The solution? Wi-Fi Extender!

Wi-Fi Extender, smart Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Extender, smart Wi-Fi

This smart Wi-Fi solution consists of several FRITZ!Repeater modems which, as the name suggests, repeat the Wi-Fi and thus increase the range of your Wi-Fi throughout your home.

This modem is also available with the Orange Fiber.

(€15 installation fee to be expected when installing Fiber).

Discover Fiber offers

Fast, smooth Wi-Fi

You will no longer suffer from speed loss or lack of signal. The connection is fluid and fast.

Easy to install

FRITZ!Repeater devices are simply plugged into an outlet where you want to expand your Wi-Fi network. The network synchronises and then self-configures by simply clicking the repeaters' buttons.

Every room, every time

Every room in your home is covered by the same Wi-Fi network power. From the bedroom to the living room and even the attic.