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Wi-Fi Booster

For optimum Wi-Fi coverage

Gone are the days when a single desktop computer was enough for the whole family. Today we stream, play online, consult social networks, video chat, work... and every room in the house is in demand.

That's why you need perfect connectivity. Livebox Fiber is an ultra-high-performance offer, suitable for most homes. However, a single modem is not always enough to deliver a reliable connection, especially in larger homes.

Mesh Wi-Fi Booster
A high-performance connection with Livebox boosters

The Wi-Fi Booster is a device that complements your Livebox eco-system. Its role? To extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

👉 These Boosters are available with the Livebox Fiber offer for €89/unit at the checkout.

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The advantages of Wi-Fi booster

A fast and reliable Wi-Fi

No more loss of speed or lack of signal. The connection is fluid and instantaneous.

Easy to install

Livebox boosters are easy to plug into the mains. Do you order one at the same time as your Livebox? Your technician will install them for you.

All rooms without exception

Cover your entire home with the same Wi-Fi power.

A tailor-made eco-system

Create an eco-system adapted to your home and control it with the My Livebox Fiber app.

Schéma Mesh 1
Stable Wi-Fi from the cellar to the attic

Is the Livebox installed far from certain living areas, are the walls of your home thick or do you simply live in a big house? Depending on the configuration of your home, create the optimum eco-system by installing one or more Boosters. You'll enjoy a consistent Wi-Fi signal everywhere.

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Schéma mesch 2
No more cables, connect your TV via Wi-Fi

Is your TV far from the Livebox? The addition of Boosters makes it easier to connect your TV to Wi-Fi. Plus, with our Orange TV service, you can multi-screen and access 100 channels on your tablet or smartphone.

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Do you have a FritzBox?

Don't panic, you can also repeat your modem's signal. Go to the shop and choose a FRITZ!Repeater. Like the Livebox Booster, it will enable you to amplify the Wi-Fi coverage of your installation.