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Rɘ Program

RE Programme

We all have the power to do something for the planet. 🌍

Phones are sleeping in your drawers, it's time to wake them up. What if we took them back to the shop?

The program is our way of helping you to return, refurbish, recycle and repair your phones.

like return

Orange Luxembourg buys back your mobile up to €700, the best price on the market
Orange Luxembourg buys back your mobile up to €700, the best price on the market

To limit waste, we redeem your smartphone so you can get a discount and do something for the environment at the same time.

Based on the value of your smartphone, you can save up to €700 in vouchers on the purchase of your new mobile.

Check the value of your phone
Benefits of trade-in

Do something good for your wallet and the environment by recycling your old smartphone.


Buy-back available to all

Get back part of your investment

Contribute to the protection of the environment

Give a second life to your smartphone

like refurbish

Refurbished iPhone 12
Offering refurbished phones for sale, minimises our environmental impact

When you use the trade-in to redeem and recycle your smartphone, it enters a reconditioning phase. Your functioning phones are tested and their data is erased.

They are then reconditioned and traded locally, so another person can benefit from the phone you no longer use.

So we've come full circle. ♻

Shop a refurbished smartphone

like recycle

Already 6000 used phones collected thanks to you
Already 6000 used phones collected thanks to you

For several years now, we have been encouraging you to recycle your old phones. The ones you no longer find useful, the ones cluttering up your drawers. The hazardous materials from these phones are treated and the metals recovered, to be processed as raw material.

Recycle your smartphone in shop

like repair

Mobile phone repair service available in all Orange shops
Mobile phone repair service available in all Orange shops

Beyond the environmental aspect, repairing your phone is above all about prolonging its life. A problem with the battery of your smartphone, a broken screen, etc... each problem has its solution, and we are here to help you.

Whether or not you have insurance, we will draw up a quote to give you peace of mind.

A question about the programme?

  • How do I recycle my old devices?

    If your phone is in a functional condition, you can use the Orange Reprise service to recondition it and redeem a voucher.

    If your phone is no longer functional, or too old to be taken back, you can bring it to your nearest Orange shop for recycling. The resources and materials of your old mobile will be recycled.

  • How do I estimate the value of my phone?

    You can assess the value of your phone directly online on our website.

    Simply visit the Orange Reprise page.

  • Is my Orange Reprise voucher nominative?

    Your trade-in voucher is nominative and must be used immediately after you have taken back your old phone.

  • Can I use my Orange Reprise voucher in all Orange shops?

    Your trade-in voucher can only be used in the Orange shop where the trade-in was made.

  • Can I use my Orange Reprise voucher for a phone with a plan?

    You can use your Orange Reprise voucher to buy a phone with or without a subscription. For a smartphone with a plan, the amount to be paid at the checkout is deducted from the voucher.

    Ex: For an iPhone 13 128GB with a BeUnlimited plan, you will be able to deduct the amount of €99 to be paid at the counter, with your voucher (as of 31/01/2022).

  • Can I buy several accessories/phones with an Orange Reprise voucher?

    You can buy several accessories and/or phones with your Orange Reprise voucher.

  • Can I use my Orange Reprise voucher online?

    Your trade-in voucher cannot be used online at the moment.

    Go to your nearest Orange shop to redeem it.

  • Which refurbished phones does Orange sell?

    At the moment, we only sell the iPhone XS as a refurbished smartphone.

    Many other smartphones will soon be available as refurbished phones, so you can do something for the planet and your wallet.

  • What is the warranty on a refurbished phone?

    The warranty on your refurbished smartphone purchased from Orange is 2 years. 1 year of manufacturer's warranty and 1 year of Orange warranty.

  • How are the phones reconditioned?

    Your smartphones from the trade-in are given to a service provider specialising in refurbishment. They are then resold locally.

  • What to do if my device is broken?

    If your mobile phone is insured and the damage falls within the terms of the Orange insurance for breakage and theft, make a claim quickly. Don't forget to attach a copy of the purchase bill to your file. You will get a faster response if your file is complete.

    If your mobile is not insured, we welcome you to go to the nearest shop to draw up a repair estimate. We will send your mobile to our external partner and you will be informed a few days later of the amount of the repair which you can choose to accept or refuse.

    More information in our support section.

  • How much does it cost to repair my phone?

    The cost of a repair depends on the condition of your phone and the degree of damage.

    In order to establish an accurate quote, we invite you to visit our shop. Your smartphone will be handed over to our service provider. An offer will then be sent to you directly by email or post.

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