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Our customised offers for corporate clients

Tailor-made mobile, Internet and landline telecom and IT solutions for corporations with Orange

Your needs are different, from year to year, and they often evolve and become more complex. Our team of experts and sales representatives is at your service to provide you with a tailor-made offer that will also evolve according to your needs.

Mobile solutions for enterprises
Mobile solutions for enterprises

Our mobile offers are flexible and allow you to combine the voice and data options you want, when you want, according to your employees' needs.

Your needs change or decrease? We are agile and adapt your plan according to the profiles you decide on.

Choose peace of mind and choose to set up options by automatically. We take care of everything! And your user receives text alerts for his consumption monitoring and at each change of tier.

You need devices to equip your mobile fleet? We have a catalogue of products at your disposal.

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Internet and Landline Solutions for Businesses
Internet and Landline Solutions for Businesses

You need a faster and more stable internet connection to increase your productivity? We offer you a symmetrical Fibre connection designed for businesses with guaranteed high speed.

Orange Symmetrical Fibre offers you a dedicated connection and a "symmetrical" speed for your entire company, i.e. the upload speed is equivalent to the download speed.

Symmetrical Fibre improves your connectivity with a 20 times faster speed than a classic ADSL connection. This means that all your employees can connect at the same time, download files in a few seconds and work on cloud-based software with ease and security.

Do you want to make high quality phone and video calls with minimal latency? And manage your call center via the cloud and VoIP?

We offer you a cloud-based PBX telephone system with the Virtual PBX solution.

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IT services and solutions
IT services and solutions
Security Solutions

Do you need to secure your smartphones, your applications, while giving your employees flexibility? -> We provide you with Enterprise Mobility Management EMM solutions

Business applications

You need a platform to manage your fleet in full autonomy and security? You need to set up the mobile lines according to your protocols while applying your internal policy? -> We offer you a secure management space with the Fleet Manager solution

You send thousands of SMS to your customers? We have the right tool for you -> We offer you a secure interface to send SMS with the SMS Gateway solution

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