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What to do if my device is broken?

Is your mobile phone broken? We are here to help you. 

If your mobile phone is insured and the damage falls within the terms of the Orange insurance for breakage and theft, make a claim quickly. Find more information here. Don't forget to attach a copy of the purchase bill to your file. You will get a faster response if your file is complete.

If your mobile is not insured, go to the shop to draw up a repair estimate. We will send your mobile to our external partner and you will be informed a few days later of the amount of the repair which you can choose to accept or refuse.

If your estimate has been established by our service provider and you refuse it, we will be obliged to ask you for a financial counterpart of 40,95€ for the diagnosis and the return of the mobile to the shop where you dropped it off.


Good to know: 

  • It is important to keep all the bills for the equipment you buy. The insurer will ask for them in the event of a claim.
  • Always note the IMEI number of your devices. You will need it to block your device in case of theft. The IMEI number of your mobile is a 15-digit code that you can find on your bill, on the back of your device (except for Apple smartphones), on the back of the box of your device or by dialling *#06# on your device, then the call key 
  • If you change your tablet or device, don't forget to tell us the new serial number. This will help us to help you in the event of a claim.
  • With the Orange Tranquility option at €2/month, we can lend you a mobile phone while we draw up an estimate or carry out the repair. Remember this for your next mobile.