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Orange Insurances

Plan for the unexpected

Imagine... Your mobile phone is stolen. Suddenly, you are much less mobile. Because the lifespan of your smartphone is full of pitfalls and it is not safe from a breakdown or an accident, Orange Insurance supports you and gives you peace of mind and security.

Whether you wish to insure just a mobile phone or all the devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.) of your family, Orange Insurance is the right solution for you.

Orange Insurances benefits

  • Your mobile is always insured

  • You can choose what you want to insure, and make monthly payments

  • You can cancel your contract whenever you whish after the first 12 months

Individual Insurance

Mobile phone


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Family Insurance

Mobile phone, tablet or any other digital device


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  • How to subscribe to Orange Insurance?

    To subscribe to Orange Insurance, please visit one of our stores. Insurance must be added when you take out your subscription or at the latest 1 week after purchase, subject to the condition of the phone being checked by an agent in an Orange shop.

  • Who's our partner La Luxembourgeoise?

    Orange Insurance relies on the history and expertise of La Luxembourgeoise to provide you with the best possible support in the event of a problem. La Luxembourgeoise has been operating in the insurance sector in the Grand Duchy for 100 years and now has 120 professionals across the country. Don't worry, thanks to our combined strengths, your equipment will be in good hands.

  • What can I do if my insured smartphone is broken or stolen?

    1. Immediately call orange’s customer service to declare the incident and to block your missing sim card.
      Contact us on: 800 61 606 (national free number) or on +352 661 061 606 (calls from abroad)

    2. Print and fill-out the insurance claim

    3. Send the insurance claim to this address: orange@lalux.lu (attach the police report in case of theft).

    4. After the acceptation of your claim, go to one of our shops with the agreement of Lalux

  • What do I need to know?

    • Keep all your phone bills, any insurer can request for them in case of a claim.

    • Mark your smartphone’s IMEI number down. You can find this number by dialing *#06#on your phone, you might need it to block your device in case of theft.

    • Only a device in a good state may be insured.