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Orange TV app

Orange TV app

Enjoy an exceptional TV experience with the Orange TV app available on iOS at €19/month. Want to use it on a big screen? Go for Apple TV for €5/month.

A wide choice of channels

Orange TV gives you access to over than 100 channels. There's something for every taste and in every language: films by great directors, news channels, sports, cultural programs, children's programs... you're bound to find something to suit your taste!

Additional packages

Cinema Package

With Be, get the popcorn out and enjoy the current best movies and series! Blockbusters, indie films, everything is at your fingertips: right now, Fast and Furious 9, Space Jam and Old are in the spotlight.

Sport Package

Enjoy the best of international sports with VOOsport. What's on: Premier League, golf, tennis, boxing... Ideal to complement the Eleven offer included in Orange TV.

Luso Package

With SIC and TVI, enjoy the best of Portuguese TV. Stay informed and watch your favourite programmes: sports, movies, shows... Don't miss a thing!

A unique TV experience

In your living room and everywhere else

Taking your TV anywhere is possible. With Orange TV app, watch your favourite shows on your TV, but also in the train, under your duvet or on holiday!

7 days replay

Missed an episode of your favourite series? Don't panic! With Orange TV, you have up to 7 days after broadcast to watch it.

Live control

Need a break? Pause the live stream with a single click and pick up where you left off. Or you can start again from the beginning.

Easy to install

Whether on your phone, tablet or TV, getting started with Orange TV is a breeze.

Apple TV 4K
The Apple interface

The Orange TV app is available on Apple TV. Enjoy a clean interface and additional features:

> All your streaming services in one place

> High definition

> Remote control with voice command

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Orange Fiber

With Orange Fiber, get an ultra-fast internet connection for an optimal experience!

Need a mobile plan? Need an Apple TV? Choose the all-in-one Love package that fits your needs.

Discover our Love Packages
Orange Fiber


VAT reduction: our TV services benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 3%. Therefore, they are not impacted by the 2023 reduced VAT.