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Our mobile plans for professionals

Work, communicate and stay productive at all times

Our mobile plans are flexible and meet yours or your employees' needs. We are flexible and will tailor your plan according to your business evolution.

With the mobile pro plans, you benefit from personalised support in all Orange Luxembourg shops as well as services included in your plan such as unlimited national calls between fleets, or invoice payment for your content purchased on the Google Play.

Orange Pro mobile plans

  • 15GB 5G
  • Unlimited 5G
  • 100% Win Pro

    With or without commitment

    • 15GB 5G Mobile Internet in Europe

    • Calls and SMS included in Luxembourg, to and from Europe

    • Available in eSIM

    • Pro Services included


    /month ex-VAT (€8,53 with Orange Fiber)

    Contact an Account Manager
  • BeUnlimited Pro

    With or without commitment

    • Unlimited 5G Mobile Internet in Luxembourg, Europe and the USA

    • Unlimited calls and SMS in Luxembourg, to and from Europe

    • Available in eSIM

    • Pro Services included


    /month ex-VAT

    Contact an Account Manager

Mobile plans made for Luxembourg and Europe

Your smartphone gives you access to the world. Orange Luxembourg allows you to keep up to date with the latest news, to be connected to social networks and to stay in touch more easily with your loved ones, to work and to watch your favorite videos. All this in Luxembourg, but also in Europe and the world.

Services included

With our mobile plans for professionals, you get access to features that allow you to better connect for your business

  • Unlimited national calls between fleets

  • Customised care in the shop

  • Orange Video Call

  • Information when limits are reached

  • Monitor your consumption with your Customer Area

  • Your purchases from the Google Play Store are being directly deducted from your bill

Mobile offers conditions

Prices excl. VAT. 1 unit = 1 minute = 1 SMS. Out of bundle Internet usage: €0.06/MB. Out of bundle SMS: €0.0702. Out-of-bundle calls: €0.22 per minute. MMS within Luxembourg are charged €0.2223. While roaming, data consumption depending on MMS size will be charged in addition to the MMS fee. For 100% Win Pro and BeUnlimited Pro Pro: 24-month commitment (when purchasing a mobile phone) or no commitment (when not purchasing a mobile phone). For BeUnlimited Pro: 250GB of unlimited mobile Internet, then maximum speed of 512Kbit/s. For unlimited mobile Internet, data consumption may be subject to a Fair Use Policy from Orange. To prevent any abuse of usage, Orange reserves the right - after notifying the customer - to restrict access to the network, or even to suspend the line in the case of a repeated offence. Uses considered as abusive are connections blocking the bandwidth, excessive consumption via equipment other than a mobile phone, etc. All plans are subject to a Reasonable Network Usage Policy to ensure network availability and quality for all. It is set at 1000 units for 100% Win Pro and 3000 units for BeUnlimited Pro. Orange Tranquillity is valid in Luxembourg for Orange customers. A mobile phone will be loaned for a maximum of one month, with an equivalent operating system and excluding personal data. Orange Tranquillity is only applicable in case of a breakdown. Repair will be carried out by Orange. Limit of 2 repairs per year. Roaming calls to special numbers (0800, 0900...) and short numbers are not included and will be charged at the costs defined by the providers of these numbers. Costs may incur even if the special number is free in the origin country. Orange Wednesdays conditions. Countries or territories included in Roaming Pass. Find all our International and Roaming rates. The Orange Network.