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Privacy policy

Orange aspires to be recognised as a business that is trusted by its customers, employees and partners. We see in the news how new technologies can be intrusive and that data protection is a major challenge for a business such as Orange, whose mobile and fixed networks generate an ever-increasing volume of personal data. At Orange we give the following firm, clear commitments concerning the protection of personal data and respect for the privacy of our customers:

  • Security: our customers’ personal data are processed fairly and stored securely

  • Control: customers can review and approve how their personal data are used

  • Transparency: in terms of processing of customers’ and users’ data at all levels, throughout our relationship

  • Assistance: for all customers and users to help them protect their privacy and better manage their personal data

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You can find more information below about how Orange implements these commitments in its provision of mobile and fixed phone and internet services.

  • What personal data does Orange collect?

    Orange will collect your personal details when you take out a contract: name, address, date of birth, gender, identity card number and email address (optional). This information will be collected at a sales point or over the internet. In store, your personal details will be taken by our sales people.

    When you use Orange’s mobile or fixed phone services or internet services, Orange will collect traffic data for each call or internet session. These traffic data contain the numbers called, the identification of the telephone, the data and duration of the communication or the date, duration and data volume of the internet session.

    Location data are generated whenever a call or an internet connection is made. These data are stored temporarily before being anonymised. Orange does not have any apps that use location data associated with an individual.

    Throughout the duration of the contract, Orange Luxembourg will collect your payment data as well as your payment or top-up history if you are a prepayment customer. Orange will retain a history of your communications with customer services. Orange will supplement this information about you with demographic information from various sales agents.

    All the information collected will be stored and managed on systems controlled by Orange Luxembourg, 8 rue des Mérovingiens L-8070 Bertrange.

  • What about the confidentiality of communications?

    Orange’s employees and partners have no access to the content of your communications over the Orange network, such as the content of calls, emails, texts or internet sessions, etc. This information is encrypted while it is transferred over the Orange network. It is, in any event, protected by the secrecy of telecommunications.

    Calls to Orange’s customer services may be recorded for monitoring purposes and to improve the quality of Orange’s customer service and may be used as evidence in commercial disputes.

  • How does Orange use your personal data?

    Orange uses your personal data to provide the services for which you have signed up and to offer you services that are tailored to your needs. Orange uses personal data for, amongst other things:

    • Billing for the services you use

    • Direct marketing, to inform you about new or related products and changes to Orange’s existing products and services

    • Orange will provide this information by email, text or by direct contact with the call centre

    • To determine the market segment to which you belong

    • Orange complies with Luxembourg’s personal data protection legislation.

    • Mobile traffic and anonymous, aggregated data are used to analyse the behaviour of traffic over the Orange network and to optimise Orange’s network and services.

  • Does this also apply to B2B customers?

    Orange will not communicate with individual customers (end users) on a B2B price plan. All contacts will be through the customer’s Fleet Manager and other contact persons (anybody involved in administering the telecommunications contract).

    Mobile traffic data and anonymous data are used to analyse the behaviour of traffic over the Orange network and to optimise Orange’s network and services.

  • Are personal data transferred to third parties?

    Orange will not disclose your personal data to its commercial partners.

    Orange has outsourced some of its customer service and IT activities. These partners have access to personal data, but that access is limited to the scope of the outsourced activities and is provided solely for the purpose of performing those activities. The access is, moreover, controlled by Orange. Some of these outsourced customer service and IT activities are performed outside Europe. In these cases, personal data are secured by the standards established by Orange.

    If you have agreed to publish your telephone number(s) in telephone directories, some of your personal details will be shared with the publisher of those directories. You may arrange for your number(s) to be removed from the directory from the customer area on the website or by calling customer services. However, it may take time to execute the request and your number(s) may not be removed immediately.

    In accordance with its legal obligations, Orange Luxembourg will disclose personal details and traffic data when asked to do so by the judicial authorities as part of a criminal investigation.

  • What are my rights as a customer?

    You can review and change your preferences (marketing communications, for example) at any time, either from the customer area on the website or by calling customer services.

    You have the right to request a copy of your personal data collected by Orange by sending a signed and dated request and a copy of your identity card to Orange Communications Luxembourg, DPO, 8 rue des Mérovingiens L-8070 or by emailing data.protection@orangeluxembourg.lu

    You can correct your personal information from the customer area on the website or by calling customer services.

  • What about our website?

    To enable us to continually improve our website and adapt it to your needs, we need to collect some information about the general use of our website, such as which areas are visited most frequently, the visit length and the average visit length.

    We use the following technical means to do this:

    Use of an IP address: An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the internet. The servers which manage all the pages on the internet are able to use this number to identify your computer. This enables us to obtain detailed reports on access to the website, broken down by IP address. We do not, however, establish any link between the IP address and the personal data collected.

    Cookies: These are elements of information which many websites, when visited, transfer to the hard disk of the visitor’s computer. By saving your preferences while you are visiting a website, cookies make browsing easier and quicker. However, please note that:

    Your passwords and/or credit card numbers are NEVER recorded in the cookies.

    Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. You can alter the configuration of your browser so that it rejects cookies or warns you they are present. That may, however, cause a problem accessing certain areas of our website.

    The third parties who manage the advertising on our website may also send cookies to your hard disk. The sending of advertising cookies by third parties is a routine practice on the internet which we cannot control.