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Our IT Solutions for the Small Businesses

Lookout app: secure your mobile devices

Your smartphone and those of your employees contain sensitive information. Lookout protects this data.

How to activate Lookout?

Orange Luxembourg integrates Lookout Premium for €1.71 excl. VAT/month into your mobile plan. To activate the app, go to your Customer Area.

Security notifications

Detects unsafe apps and sites and alerts you of vulnerabilities due to an outdated version of your software.

Lost or stolen phone

Gives you access to the location of your phone in case of theft or loss and sends you a picture of the potential thief by email.

Safe Wi-Fi

Alerts you when the WiFi network you are connected to is unsafe or under attack.

Compromised data detection

Alerts you if your personal data such as your email address or ID card has been used without your knowledge.

Voice Over LTE: calls in high definition

When you make a call, your smartphone automatically switches to 2G or 3G. The quality of the call may then be reduced.

Activate Voice Over LTE to make your calls over the 4G/5G network. Dual purpose:

  • High definition calls;

  • Surf the internet at the same time.

You automatically benefit from this service as soon as you have a professional mobile plan. Follow these few steps to activate it 👇

Voice Over WiFi: stay in touch even without a network

Network coverage at your home or office is not optimal? Voice Over WiFi allows you to make calls over the WiFi network.

All you need is a compatible smartphone. There is nothing to install. You just need to activate it in your settings.

Orange Cloud Phone app

Call from your smartphone as if you were in the office

The Orange Cloud Phone app turns your smartphone into a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone. Features :

  • Call forwarding ;

  • Do not disturb option;

  • Double calls;

  • Music on hold;

  • Configurable extensions;

  • Possibility to display the company number or your own extension.

You can make or receive calls while on the move as if you were sitting at your desk:

  • To reach a colleague, dial their internal extension;

  • Your landline phone rings: the call is diverted to your mobile;

  • Calls via the smartphone's data: not deducted from the call credit, even abroad;

  • For all calls to fixed or mobile numbers, the minutes of the mobile phone subscription are deducted.

Get Orange Cloud Phone

The Orange Cloud Phone app requires a PBX subscription from Orange (Virtual PABX product).

It must be configured on the company's PBX telephone system. The account is activated through the back office, which provides the user name and password.


Directly integrated into your phone by the manufacturer, eSIM replaces a physical SIM card. This means that you have just one phone with your personal and business numbers.

Are you a cross-border commuter? Activate a plan for your Luxembourg and foreign plans on the same device. On a business trip abroad? Activate a local plan on your eSIM to save money.

Activating your eSIM is easy: go to one of our shops with your ID 👇