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Virtual Rangers, Nirli and WithVR, winning award start-ups of the 5th edition of Orange Fab AR, VR and Metaverse

Fab Lab
Press release

June 2nd, 2022 - 4pm

The 5th season of Orange Fab was dedicated to AR, VR and metaverse solutions contributing to improve the customer experience or to create new ones. Virtual Rangers, Nirli and WithVR are the 3 winning start-ups of this Orange Fab 2022 edition. These start-ups will benefit from the Orange Acceleration Program for 6 months.

For this 2022 edition of the Orange Fab program, focused on the development of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Metaverse experiences, all the pre-selected start-ups had the opportunity to pitch their project in front of the Orange Luxembourg and Orange Belgium jury. At the end of the final pitch, 3 start-ups have been selected:

  • Virtual Rangers

  • Nirli

  • WithVR

By joining the Orange Fab program, they will have the opportunity to work with Orange teams in order to implement a concept aimed at the group's customers. For several years now, Orange has been supporting the start-up ecosystem in an innovative approach. Through Orange Fab, Orange's aim is to work with innovative players who are essential drivers of the digital transformation of organizations.

Success Stories

Over the past six years, the Orange Fab BeLux program has given rise to several success stories. EmailTree, a Luxembourg start-up offering a solution to gain productivity in customer email management, was integrated into the program during a previous edition. OTIV, last season's winner, made its solution 5G compatible using Orange's test environment. Thanks to the advice of experts, it now has various partnerships at European level.

Jury Fab Lab

Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg: "The projects presented this year were very qualitative and we are delighted with the presence of Luxembourgish start-ups at this final. It is very exciting to see the entrepreneurial dynamics and the success with which these start-ups are exploring these emerging trends such as virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverse. In the end, we chose these three start-ups and we are convinced that they will benefit from our expertise and the strength of our network to develop their activities."

The Orange Fab 2022 finalists were:

  • Poolpio: Full of creativity, Poolpio builds unique virtual reality experiences. From immersive "in real life" shows to metavers.

  • Virtual Rangers: Virtual Rangers develops custom VR, AR, metaverse and gaming experiences for its clients.

  • Nirli : Builder of AR, VR and metaverse experiences in the health, construction, retail and industrial sectors, Nirli does not shy away from any challenge!

  • Urban Time Travel: Urban Time Travel has a promise: to take you back in time through virtual reality. Its objective? To bring our cultural heritage to life.

  • WithVR: WithVR creates personalized virtual reality situations so that people with speech impairments and differences can have a safe space to talk.

For further information, visit the Orange Fab website.