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Orange Luxembourg awarded for its gender equality policy

Press Release
Press Release

Luxembourg, December 11th 2020

Orange Luxembourg has been awarded the "Positive Actions" label by the Ministry of Equality of Women and Men. This label recognises Orange Luxembourg's commitment to being a committed and responsible employer.

The Ministry of Equality of Women and Men unveiled the winners of the "Positive Actions" label, which aims to reduce inequalities in the workplace, during a live ceremony on Thursday 9 December 2020. Orange Luxembourg has been awarded the label: a new certification that testifies to its commitment to professional equality between women and men.

Delphine Guilbert, HR Manager - Orange Luxembourg

"It is with great pride that I received the "Positive Actions" label on behalf of Orange. The Orange Group has made professional equality between women and men one of its strategic priorities and has undertaken a number of actions over the past few years in order to make progress. The "Positive Actions" program has enabled us to strengthen certain areas such as access for women to positions of responsibility, equal pay for women and men, work/life balance and gender diversity in all professions, particularly in the technical professions."

Corinne Lozé, CEO - Orange Luxembourg

"After our international GEEIS "Gender Equality European & International Standard" certification, it was important for us to contribute to the national "Positive Actions" programme of the Ministry of Equality of Women and Men. At Orange, gender equality is a guarantee of equity and economic performance. This label marks a new stage in our social and societal commitment."

The Ministry of Equality of Women and Men awards Orange Luxembourg.

The "Positive Actions" program, developed by the Ministry of Equality of Women and Men, supports an inclusive and egalitarian economy. It assists companies, on a voluntary basis, in advancing equality of women and men at work, and in developing and certifying good practices. This program takes into account various criteria: equal treatment (salary, recruitment, training), equality in decision-making, equality in the reconciliation of professional and private life. Eight companies received the "Positive Action" label this year in Luxembourg.

About Orange in Luxembourg

Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. is a fully converged telecommunications operator offering fixed and mobile telephony, mobile broadband internet, fiber and cable TV services to the business and residential markets in Luxembourg. Orange Luxembourg S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orange Belgium, based in Belgium, and has been operating in the Luxembourg telecommunications market since May 2004. Orange Fab is a start-up accelerator, which supports and enables the deployment of innovative solutions within the Orange Group and its subsidiaries.