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Orange Luxembourg organizes a waste collection

Grouss Botz
Press Release

Luxembourg, May 4th 2022

On May 14th will take place several clean-ups in Luxembourg as part of Serve The City « Grouss Botz » event. This year the charity has strengthened its initiative counting on the support of Orange Luxembourg and No Big Deal with whom they have launched the #LetzClean challenge back in March.

After the end of the winter season, Serve the City has restarted its regular district clean-ups in Lux-city, in collaboration with Orange Luxembourg and No Big Deal, and will now organise its big spring clean-up, the so called « Grouss Botz », on May 14th. This event will take place simultaneously in different places in Luxembourg gathering more than a hundred volunteers. 10 teams are already planned in numerous districts of the City but also in the South of Luxembourg.

This project is part of the #Letzclean initiative launched in March this year with Orange Luxembourg aiming at collecting one ton of waste thanks to the No Big Deal app. Serve the City is really proud to count on their support to develop its environmental activities along with its partnership with Clean Something For Nothing and JCI Luxembourg. Besides their respective teams will take part to this weekend dedicated to the environmental cause.

Nicolas Duprey, President of Serve The City Luxembourg

"Grouss Botz is the occasion to restore social links within our neighbourhoods and act together for cleaner cities and a greener tomorrow. In addition to its social engagement Serve The City has always been willing to act concretely for environmental protection. We want to allow everyone to do its part for more sustainable cities !"

Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg

"This initiative is a logical follow-up to the launch of our 'RE' programme. Orange is committed to the environment and is also taking action to promote the circular economy. Through the RE programme, which is at the heart of the Orange Group's Engage 2025 strategy, we offer REcycling, REconditioning, REparation and REdeeming of mobile phones. This programme is at the heart of the Orange Group's strategic commitments for 2025."

The exact time and places of the clean-ups will be communicated to registered volunteers by the team leaders in charge.