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Discover independent films at the CinEast 2021 festival


October 13th, 2021 - 4pm

The CinEast festival opened its doors on Thursday 7 October 2021. Orange is a partner of the festival this year, you can watch independent and short films in the cinema or online.

Held every year in October since 2008, the CinEast festival is a celebration in Luxembourg of cinematographic works mainly from Central and Southern Europe. A selection of films and shorts are screened every day, in several Luxembourg cinemas or online.

How to see the films of the CinEast festival?

Around 60 films and events are on the festival schedule, every day, until 24 October. The CinEast festival line-up is very diverse: full-length and short films, dramas, documentaries, animated films... there is something for everyone!

To see the films, you have two options:

  • Watch one of the films in the cinema

  • Watch the film of your choice at home

In both cases, go to the CinEast reservation site to book one or more tickets for the film of your choice. Screenings are available at the Cinémathèque, the Centre National de l'Audiovisuel, the Ancien Cinéma, or at the Kirchberg and Utopie cinemas of our partner Kinépolis.

Participating in a screening at the cinema allows you, in addition to (re)discovering original cinematographic works, to have an impact on the various prizes given out at the awards ceremony on 24 October.

In addition to the Grand Prize awarded by the official jury, several other prizes will be awarded by voters from the public: the Audience Award for Best Short Fiction Film, the Audience Award for Best Animated Short Film, the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short Film and the Audience Award for Best Feature Film.

Only people who have seen one of the selected films in any of the selected cinemas can vote.

Short films are also available for children.

Orange Luxembourg supports the cinema

Orange and the seventh art have always been a love story. After the Luxembourg City Film Festival last March, CinEast is the second event dedicated to cinema that Orange is supporting this year. Moreover, as an Orange customer, one cinema ticket purchased = one cinema ticket offered, in all Kinepolis cinemas in Luxembourg.

As the pricing of the films is special during the festival, the offer is not available. But don't worry, from the moment the festival ends, the offer will be available again.

To find out more, visit the Orange Wednesdays page.

Some films available in Kinépolis cinemas