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Protecting your business from cyber threats


February 22, 2023 - 4:15pm

Today, cyber-attacks spare no organisation. Whether you are an SME or a large company, it is important to be aware of the risks arising from cyberspace to better protect yourself. In order to help organisations face the threat, we offer a set of protection tools and services accessible to the greatest number of organisations.

There are countless companies that have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. While large ones generally take the necessary preventive measures to avoid such problems and to react effectively, small ones are more often distraught when their IT systems are suddenly paralysed.

Cybersecurity concerns everyone

It is no longer a question of whether or not you are at risk of being attacked, but rather of determining when the attack will occur and whether you are able to deal with it.

At a time when corporate systems are becoming increasingly open and interconnected, particularly to allow employees to access their work tools remotely or from mobile terminals, Orange is deploying an offer adapted to the current challenges. Every organisation must be concerned by these challenges. Often, small companies, service providers, are interesting targets for attackers as they allow them to reach other stakeholders.

Detecting and responding to attacks

This offer consists in a micro-SOC (Security Operations Center), which monitors activity across the company's systems and networks in order to detect any anomaly and alert to any possible risk.

The analysis of the proposed package, focuses on the company's servers and users' workstations by means of an EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). The idea is to protect users by analysing the behaviour of each terminal. The micro-SOC is a solution that is accessible to all companies and can automatically block the spread of a possible infection in the event of an alert.

This formula is also accompanied by an incident response service, which aims to isolate any threat or quickly restore systems.

Blocking the attack before it reaches the user

Orange's offer also includes the deployment of an email protection solution. This acts to block emails that could compromise the integrity of the company before they reach the user's inbox.

Supporting organisations

The challenge is also to enable each organisation to better understand the cyber threat and to gain maturity in managing these risks. With this in mind, Orange assists companies in establishing a "cyber" diagnosis and in defining a crisis management plan.

The diagnosis is first of all an organisational and technical inventory of the company. Through it, we can determine its level of maturity in terms of cybersecurity and draw up a roadmap to improve its resilience over time.

The crisis management plan aims to prepare each organisation to deal with an incident, by implementing clear and documented procedures and assigning roles and responsibilities to deal with any critical situation.

Wide international expertise now available

Through this set of services, Orange brings Luxembourg companies the vast experience and know-how acquired in the field of cybersecurity by Orange cyberdefence on an international scale. The group's aim is now to facilitate access to skills that are increasingly essential for each organisation, by pooling its resources and means as best as possible so that everyone can benefit from them.

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