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After video shopping, Orange Luxembourg launches live shopping

Press Release
Press Release

December 15th, 2021 - 10am

This Monday, December 13, 2021, Orange Luxembourg organized its first live shopping session. The concept consists in broadcasting a live show on the web and allows to recreate an interactive shopping experience in digital. A first in the country.

Eager to remain as close as possible to its customers, regardless of the sales channel used, and to respond as well as possible to the new expectations and habits of consumers, Orange Luxembourg video shopping last March and is now launching live shopping. First introduced in China, this practice is now tending to develop in Europe. In Luxembourg, Orange is a pioneer in this field. This Monday, December 13, 2021, for the first time, the telecom operator, always more innovative, has indeed organized its first streaming shopping session.

The online shopping revolution

Inspired by the live sessions organized on social networks, especially in the field of e-sports, live shopping is extending to the world of e-commerce. The practice consists in broadcasting a video online and live to its customers, recreating in this way a sales environment similar to that of a physical store.

Entertaining but also instructive, this digital event was organized on the website www.orange.lu. Hosted by two Orange sales consultants, from the operator's studio in Bertrange, it allowed connected customers to discover a great selection of gift ideas for the holidays during a one-hour live session in several languages.

Mustapha Rahem, Consumer Market & Online Sales Manager - Orange Luxembourg

"During this live hour, customers were able to discover and observe the products presented, a bit like in a TV shopping session. Everyone was also able to interact with the live advisors, if they wanted to."

Customers who participated in the live event were also able to take advantage of special discounts valid for a few hours on the Orange website.

Enhanced shopping experience

Thanks to this service, Orange is further accelerating its transformation towards a resolutely omnichannel business.

Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication - Orange Luxembourg

"This project follows on from the launch of our e-shop last September. It also complements several other digital services that we have launched in recent months, such as Orange Video Shopping, which allows customers to be accompanied in their online shopping, in real-time and in a personalized way, by video or by telephone. Our goal is to position ourselves as the leading digital operator in Luxembourg and to better meet the needs of our customers and improve their online shopping experience."