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Orange Luxembourg opens an Orange Digital Center in the metaverse

Press release

July 8th, 2022 - 4pm

This Thursday, Orange opened an Orange Digital Center in the heart of the "Luxembourg Metaverse". From this space, the operator wishes to explore the opportunities of innovation, to accompany start-ups and to raise awareness of the opportunities and dangers linked to the development of these new virtual environments.

Bertrange, July 08, 2022 - This Thursday, Orange Luxembourg opened its first Orange Digital Center (ODC), a space dedicated to both digital innovation and skills development, within the metaverse.

Accompanying users through the metaverse

"Orange Digital Centers are centers for the accompaniment and development of digital skills that already exist in the physical world, explained Corinne Lozé, CEO of Orange Luxembourg, at a press conference organized in the metaverse. Considering the stakes inherent in the development of metaverses, it seemed important to us to open such a space in the heart of these virtual environments, to allow us to explore the possibilities that this opens up, but also to help users take their first steps in this virtual reality. And to go even further, a physical Orange Digital Center will also open in September in Luxembourg City."

While there is a lot of talk about the metaverse, many players are still struggling to grasp this environment mixing many technological approaches. Through this virtual ODC, Orange wants to invite economic actors and start-ups to discover the possibilities offered by the metaverse. On the other hand, it wishes to raise awareness among users of the good practices and dangers associated with these environments.

Supporting innovation, promoting good practices

"We are convinced that in the future, everyone will have to work in these spaces. As a major player in communication and digital technology, it is important for Orange to position itself in the metaverse, but also to help our customers find their place in it, explains Barbara Fangille, Head of communication Orange Luxembourg. These technologies will enable the development of new immersive experiences, and other ways of interacting. A good understanding of these technologies should allow us to evolve with peace of mind and to prevent certain possible abuses. It is our social responsibility to enable everyone to adopt good practices related to the use of technology."

At the heart of this virtual Orange Digital Center, visitors will find a wide variety of content, such as conferences related to technological innovation, but also others aiming to explain what the metaverse is, to raise awareness about the dangers and possibilities that this environment represents.

An easily accessible Luxembourg Metaverse

The Luxembourg Metaverse is presented as a virtual reality space accessible to all. This Orange Digital Center is the second space inaugurated by Orange Luxembourg in the heart of the Luxembourg Metaverse. The operator had already opened a first shop at the end of June. "The interest of the Luxembourg Metaverse is that it is accessible to everyone, ideal for discovering this virtual reality without having to be exposed to more complex technologies like crypto or NFT. It's just a few clicks away and you can easily walk around it, whether you have a virtual reality headset or not, explains Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. Through this lab, we want to reach out to a wide range of users."

Discover the first Orange Digital Center in the metaverse

Join the Luxembourg Metaverse
Join the Luxembourg Metaverse

To discover this first Orange Digital Center online, we invite you to join the Luxembourg Metaverse.


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