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Orange celebrates 30 years of Radio Latina in Luxembourg

Radio Latina

September 21st, 2022 - 3:45pm

For its 30th anniversary, Radio Latina celebrates its birthday in several Luxembourgish cities. For the occasion, Orange Luxembourg joins the festivities and comes to meet you.

Radio Latina is the radio station that has been bringing the Portuguese-speaking community together for 30 years through Portuguese-language broadcasts. For the occasion, the radio is organizing a bus tour stopping in several cities of the Grand Duchy, and Orange Luxembourg is accompanying them during these days.

"The Orange Quiz" is available on all the dates of the 30 years of Radio Latina Bus Tour. The aim? Participants will learn more about Orange, its news and its commitments through numerous questions. Passers-by are invited to spin the Orange wheel to answer a question. If the answer is correct, the respondent will have a chance to win a refurbished iPhone through a draw among the correct answers.

Come and celebrate this birthday with us

This weekend, take part in "The Orange Quiz" in Differdange for a chance to win a refurbished iPhone. If you haven't yet had the chance to spin the wheel and test your knowledge, go to one of the next dates:

  • 29 October in Clervaux

  • 26 November in Echternach

  • 10 December in Dudelange

Revise in the meantime to give yourself the best chance to win by visiting Orange's website and browsing through the different pages.