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Deferred cashback claim for Livebox Fiber activation costs

Fiber deal
It's time to go for Livebox Fiber

For all first Livebox Fiber subscription, get a full cashback of the activation fee (€149)! Fill in the form below to send us your cashback claim.

⏳ This offer is available for 1000 first customers. You have until January 31 2024 at 11:59pm to do so!

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Complete your cashback claim:

Eligiblity conditions

Offer valid for all first subscriptions (1000 first customers). You can fill this form online up to 31 January 2024, 11:59pm. Any claim received by post or after this time will not be considered.

You must be a private individual in Luxembourg and must have subscribed for the first time to a Livebox Fiber or Livebox Fiber Boost 1 Gbit/s plan.

Cashback terms and conditions

  • If the request is approved by Orange, deferred cashback will be paid to you by bank transfer. The amount of your second invoice will be deducted.

  • Any cancellation or change of plan will result in the cashback claim being cancelled.

  • Only one cashback request per subscription.

  • The cashback claim can only be approved after the first invoice has been debited.

  • Cashback be deducted on your invoice of March 2024. You will be informed by email of the evolution of your application.

  • Customer data is processed in accordance with the applicable national and European privacy legislation as specified in our general terms and conditions of sale and on our website.