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Discover Orange Livebox


Simpler, better performance 🧡

Livebox in living room
A fast, reliable Internet connection

Your Livebox is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology for an unbeatable connection speed. Thanks to Smart Wi-Fi, it selects the best frequency band and the best channel. The aim? Optimise your performance, especially at peak times.

💡 Interference from nearby devices is also reduced.

Livebox booster
An optimum Wi-Fi coverage

Large areas to cover, thick walls... In some environments, Wi-Fi coverage is limited. To overcome this problem, Orange Livebox can be complemented by one or more boosters, specially designed to work with it.

👉 What's their role? Extend the range of Wi-Fi to deliver optimum connection from basement to roof.

My Livebox Fiber app
A dedicated app for managing your Livebox

👉 Configure your Livebox

👉 Manage your connected devices

👉 Share Wi-Fi with your guests in a few clicks

👉 Switch off your Livebox at the desired hours

👉 Problems with your connection? Fix your Livebox

... and much more!

Download the app

More elegant, more economical 💚

Orange Livebox has been responsibly designed to meet today's environmental and social challenges.

Livebox design
A compact and responsible design

Livebox's casing is made from 100% recycled plastic. It has also been designed to minimise its carbon footprint, with a reduced number of components and a compact design.

👉 The result is a lightweight device with a sleek look.

Livebox planning
An optimised power consumption

👉 Livebox has been designed to limit your power consumption: the standby mode allows you to go from 7.6 watts to 4.4 watts, without configuring anything.

Want to go further? With My Livebox Fiber app, your device is only powered up when you really need it.

👉 With just a few clicks, the app lets you define adjustable cut-off times, so you can switch to 0 watts at night or during working hours, for example.

Our compatible fiber offer

The advantages of Orange Fiber

Free installation, activation and cabling

It's €448 saved.

Live chat

With the technician on the day of installation.

Unlimited download volume

No interruptions: unlimited browsing.

Support service

By phone or video.

High-performance Livebox

Unbeatable features and performance.

Bundle and save

Add a mobile plan and/or TV and save money.