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How to return an order?

You wish to exercise your right of withdrawal and cancel your order?

Fill in this online form to allow our teams to process your request and proceed to your refund.

If applicable, you will have to return the device you ordered from Orange.

Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Fill in the online withdrawal form

    With this form, you inform us of your wish to terminate your online contract and/or to cancel your equipment order. Our teams will be able to cancel your offer at no cost, and will send you a delivery note allowing you to send back the ordered equipment.

  2. Send back the equipment

    What do you must put in the parcel?

    The equipment, in its original packaging, complete with all accessories.
    The following document, filled in correctly. We need this information to process your return.

    Put all this in one box. Any non-conforming, damaged or dirty packaging will be declined.
  3. Drop the parcel off at the Post Office, with the delivery note that our team has sent to you.

  4. Upon reception of your parcel, we will proceed with the refund of your order within a few days.


  • From the date of confirmation of your order, you have 14 days to retract and return your order.

  • If you ordered a phone and then used it, you will need to reset it to factory settings and log out of your Google/iCloud account, before returning it to us.
  • Your return request will not be accepted in an Orange shop.

  • Your return request is free of charge