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How do I call from/to abroad?

The most important thing is to add the international dialling code of the country.

Dial +352 to call a Luxembourg number, +33 to call a French number or +32 to call a Belgian number.

The emergency number 112 is free.

From the USA

Since February 2022, you can no longer access your services (voice, sms and internet) if you do not have a VoLTE compatible mobile.

To benefit from 4G/VoLTE voice abroad, you need

  • a 4G/5G offer

  • A VoLTE compatible mobile

If you are planning to go to the USA, remember to check the compatibility of your phone or change your phone.

VoLTE activation on an Android smartphone

The Voice Over LTE service is automatically activated if you have an offer and a compatible Android mobile (provided you have updated your phone to the latest version).

VoLTE activation on an iPhone

If you have an IOS mobile, you will have to follow the activation process.