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Enterprises: the era of connected objects

ingénieur controlant des machines via sa tablette dans une usine

March 15th, 2022 - 3pm

Internet of Things (IoT) offers many development opportunities for companies. Companies can now think about investing in these connected objects in order to get the most out of them.

The IoT market is booming. The deployment of 5G, because it will ensure ultra-fast transmission of data collected by connected objects, should further enhance their use in our daily lives and also within companies. The IoT opens the way to multiple opportunities for a business, whatever its size, whatever its sector of activity.

Connected objects allow you to collect a large amount of data, and that's where all their wealth lies, as long as this data is exploited and analyzed intelligently. It can be data about your customers, your prospects, your processes, or your working environment.

Gain performance with IoT

Integrated into the company, coupled with the devices or equipment you use, connected objects can help you optimise your operational processes. Tasks that were previously performed manually can be automated, allowing teams to focus on higher value-added tasks while limiting the risk of errors and increasing efficiency.

In addition, the Internet of Things helps to reduce production, organisation, and logistics costs. For example, connected objects can help ensure predictive maintenance of equipment, optimise the management of stocks, meeting rooms, workstations, or even company parking lots.

Improving well-being at work

By integrating water, electricity, and energy consumption meters, the Internet of Things also facilitates the development of smart buildings and thus makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint of a company, while improving the efficiency and well-being of its employees.

For example, there are connected objects capable of measuring in real-time the quality of the air in an office, the temperature, the brightness, etc. These parameters are then adapted automatically and in real-time, making the working conditions and environment more pleasant and less energy-consuming. Connected office cushions and chairs check employees' posture, while connected clothing or bracelets monitor workers' heart rates when they perform significant physical exercise. In this way, the IoT contributes to better health and safety at work.

Know your customers better

Finally, thanks to the data they collect, connected objects allow you to better know and understand your customers' consumption habits, expectations, and lifestyles. The IoT is thus a godsend for developing more adapted and personalised products or services and improving the relationship with your customers.

With the IoT, the major challenge for any company is to use technological tools that meet its specific needs, to secure the data that passes through the connected objects, and to properly manage their use and exploitation.

How to take advantage of the potential of connected objects?

Orange Luxembourg offers you customised IoT solutions. Take advantage of recognised expertise, the best tools to make your project a reality, a network of qualified partners at your disposal, and a dedicated team to ensure the operation of your applications.