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5G is coming to Luxembourg

Hi Luxembourg.
Hi 5G.

Orange Luxembourg's 5G technology help you explore the world faster than ever before.

Enjoy high speed online browsing, very stable connections in crowded areas and also a new experience in VR content playback and high resolution gaming.

Your apps, websites and smart devices at home are accessible almost instantaneously.

Orange Luxembourg's 5G support you in changing uses and developing new useful services in addition to existing networks


Speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G

More people
More people

Optimally connected

More connected objects
More connected objects

Billions of connected objects

More reactive
More reactive

Almost real-time response for online gaming and, in future, to control autonomous cars

More environmentally friendly
More environmentally friendly

Reduced costs and energy consumption

Hi Smartphone. Hi 5G.

iPhone 13
iPhone 13


With a jo offer or BeUnlimited

Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21


With a jo plan or BeUnlimited

Xiaomi 11T
Xiaomi 11T


With a jo plan or BeUnlimited

Oppo A74 5G
A74 5G


With a jo plan or BeUnlimited

5G compatible smartphones to suit every budget.

With Orange Reprise, Orange Luxembourg will take back your smartphone and give it a second life. The time has come to move to 5G!

Recycle your former smartphones for voucher.

Save up to €400 on your new smartphone.

Recycle your smartphone
Recycle your former smartphones for voucher.
Hi new features. Hi 5G.
Hi new features. Hi 5G.

5G absorb the exponential growth in mobile traffic and pave the way for a wide range of applications by improving mobile speeds and connection quality. It also provide a response for the needs of the Internet of Things which interconnect billions of devices and serve as the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow.

Questions fréquentes sur la 5G à Luxembourg

  • What is 5G? What can 5G do for me that 4G can’t?

    5G is a mobile network upgrade that is compatible with and complements earlier generations. Priority in the progressive deployment of 5G in Luxembourg is given to those areas where it is needed, where our mobile network is most solicited so we can continue to offer our customers top notch connectivity. 5G delivers much faster download and data transmission speeds, more extension network coverage and more stable connections. Apart from increased speeds when 5G launches, by 2023 5G will enable more people and things to be connected than ever before but above all will offer unprecedented mobile network responsiveness. So 5G is also the promise of new features to make our lives easier in Luxembourg (e-health, connected vehicles, smart cities…).

  • Why implement 5G when 4G works fine?

    5G is the next step in mobile network development. We are increasingly using mobile networks and transfer ever more data.

    5G is needed to ensure mobile internet continues to work smoothly when watching your favourite series on Netflix or while streaming, etc.

  • What’s the advantage of 5G?

    5G technology enables us to continue to live and develop the world we are used to. Among other things, we are able to:

    • instantly download and share multimedia content or data from the Cloud - no delays or interruptions, all in a fraction of a second

    • watch films or live shows in 4K quality

    • play games that are in the Cloud without having to download them

    • Better communicate with your loved ones by video calls and on social networks

    The development of 5G is also a mark of progress - this technology enables modern services and solutions to be developed to improve our quality of life, provide better health care and greater safety:

    • lives can be saved (through remote surgery), robots will help our senior citizens

    • fewer traffic jams (better traffic light synchronisation depending on the current traffic situation)

    • safer streets (autonomous vehicles)

    • smart homes and connected objects

    And 5G is a much greener technology than existing ones - it will eventually enable energy consumption to be optimised by using 100 times less energy to transfer each gigabyte of data that currently required.

  • How does 5G differ from 4G?

    The 5G network does not differ from earlier generations of mobile networks since it operates according to the same laws of physics as the 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It uses the same frequency range as current mobile networks which operate using radio waves. The 5G network also changes how certain frequencies are used - some, in use for decades, for example in radio links connecting up base stations, are also be used for the connectivity between the network and smartphones.

  • Are the risks greater with 5G waves?

    For each frequency band used in the mobile network (including those for 5G), a health threshold has been set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

    The exposure limits for 5G are 39 Volts per metre (V/m) at 700 MHz equivalent to those of 4G and 61 V/m at 3,500 MHz equivalent to those of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. Adopted by the Council of the European Union, these thresholds apply in Luxembourg and have been set at 3V/m.

    All our mobile installations comply with these regulatory thresholds.

    For more information on this subject, please go to the following page:

  • With 5G, do the SAR rates of terminals increase?

    The maximum Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), quantifying exposure of users to electromagnetic waves remains the same on the new 5G terminals.

  • Since when is Orange's 5G available in Luxembourg?

    As for the older (3G and 4G) technologies, 5G has been rolled out progressively in Luxembourg. Priority has been given to rollout in those areas where it was needed over the past weeks, where our mobile network is most solicited. And this so we can continue to offer our customers optimal connectivity.

    Our goal is to strengthen the quality of our network. We are also taking advantage of 5G to boost our 4G network.

    It must be noted that mobile network antenna installations are subject to permits including building permits from local authorities.

  • How is 5G be rolled out?

    Orange Luxembourg’s 5G network has been rolled out in Luxembourg city and surrounding areas in 2020. From Bertrange to Strassen, taking in the airport and Kirchberg.

    In 2021, 5G will be deployed all over the country.

  • Will Orange Luxembourg continue to deploy the 4G network?

    Yes, Orange continues to deploy and maintain the 4G network. It is complementary to the 5G network.

  • For my next trip to a country where 5G is available, will I be able to use the 5G network there?

    If the country has a 5G network, your phone may not automatically connect to the 5G network available. It will be able to connect if we have signed a 5G roaming agreement with one of the operators in the country concerned. In any case, you will of course be able to connect depending on the roaming agreements negotiated with the country.

  • Which 5G smartphones are available? Are they all currently compatible?

    Orange Luxembourg offers a broad range of 5G smartphones:

    • Apple iPhone 12 (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone Mini, iPhone Pro Max) and the following phones

    • Samsung A52, A32, S21 (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21+, Samsung Galaxy S21), S20 (Samsung Galaxy S20FE, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra), Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 et Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the following phones

    • Xiaomi Mi 11, Mi 10T (Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite et Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro) and the following phones

    • Oppo A74, Find X3 Lite, Reno 4Z et Reno 4 Pro and the following phones

    Access to the 5G network is reserved for customers who have a 5G compatible device certified by the suppliers. Orange, in close collaboration with smartphone suppliers, is preparing the certification of your devices on our Orange Luxembourg 5G network. The list of certified devices will be continually updated on orange.lu

  • Does my 5G smartphone work with 4G?

    All 5G smartphones are compatible with the 4G network. 4G remains available for all. However, 4G mobile phones are not equipped to operate on the 5G network.

  • My current Orange mobile plan is 5G, how can I take advantage of it?

    Orange mobile plans are 5G without any price increase. To use 5G, you must have a 5G compatible smartphone. Your smartphone operates in 5G in those areas covered by the 5G network. Deployment is progressive. In the meantime you can continue to surf in 4G.

  • Will Orange Luxembourg take back my old phone in a trade-in to help with my purchase of a new 5G smartphone?

    With Orange Reprise, make new out of old and make a positive gesture for the environment. Recycle your old mobile phone instead of leaving it in a drawer and save money on your new 5G smartphone.

  • Which Orange mobile plans are 5G?

    All Orange mobile plans currently available are 5G. These are the plans: Access+, Feel, Like, jo, BeUnlimited and MoveUnlimited.

    The Love offers also include a mobile BeUnlimited 5G plan.

  • Hi same-price plans. Hi 5G.

    5G in included in all Orange plans without any price increase.

    Plans adapted to your own lifestyle and needs

    Choose a 5G mobile plan
    Hi same-price plans. Hi 5G.