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At Orange, we are all Orange

At Orange, we are all Orange

Going against discrimination and violence, ensuring professional equality between men and women during your recruitment and throughout your career

At Orange, these are not just concepts.

But part of everyday life. We received a GEEIS certificate (Gender Equality European & International Standard) rewarding our efforts in diversity, professional equality and inclusion. Something we live by today, and that we continue to strive for tomorrow !

This certification recognises the actions implemented by Orange Luxembourg to promote professional equality and diversity. This allows for real equality of opportunity, particularly in terms of pay, deal, skills development and gender diversity in the workplace.

Positive Actions

Orange Luxembourg has been awarded the "Positive Actions" label by the Ministry of Equality of Women and Men. This label recognises Orange Luxembourg's commitment to being a committed and responsible employer.

Delphine GUILBERT, HR Manager - Orange Luxembourg

"(...) The "Positive Actions" programme has enabled us to strengthen certain areas such as women's access to positions of responsibility, equal pay for women and men, work/life balance and gender diversity in all professions, particularly in the technical professions."