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iPhone SE 5G
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Model iPhone SE 5G
Operating system iOS 15
Unlocking Finger print sensor
Battery NA
Processor A15 Bionic
SIM card Nano-SIM
In the box Data USB Type-C Cable


Network 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
Dual SIM
Micro-SD card


Screen size 4.7”
Resolution 1334x750
Display type LCD


Rear-facing camera 12 Mpx
Selfie camera 7 Mpx
Video recording 4K


Length 138 mm
Width 67.4 mm
Thickness 7.6 mm
Weight 144 g
  • What's en eSIM ?

    The eSIM (for "embedded SIM") is a SIM card that is already built-in to your smartphone or tablet. Unlike a traditional SIM card, it does not need to be inserted or removed from your device.

    You can opt for eSIM in the following situations:

    • a change of SIM card if you are already an Orange Luxembourg customer

    • a change of operator while keeping your number

    • opening a new line

    Not all devices are eSIM compatible. We invite you to consult the list of eSIM compatible mobiles and tablets before opting for the eSIM option.

    eSIM is activated remotely by scanning a QR code. For more information, please consult the section dedicated to the activation of your eSIM.

  • How do I activate an eSIM?

    You must first request an eSIM from our teams by visiting your favourite Orange shop or directly on our online shop orange.lu. 

    Once the request is made, you will receive a QR code that you will have to scan directly from your mobile while connected to Wi-Fi. To do this, go to your cellular data settings, and add an eSIM card. Then click on "Add" and that's it.

  • What is Dual SIM?

    The Dual SIM allows you to combine two numbers on one device. This means you can carry your personal and business numbers or two numbers from different countries on the same device. 

    It can be presented in two ways:

    • Your device has two SIM slots: you can insert two standard SIM cards and have two numbers simultaneously

    • Your device has only one SIM slot and is eSIM compatible: you can insert a standard SIM card and activate a second number via an eSIM

    Not all devices are Dual SIM compatible. In order to know the compatibility of your device you can refer to its technical specifications or consult our list of eSIM compatible devices.

  • How can I keep my mobile number?

    CAUTION: portability is only possible from an operator other than Orange (e.g. Post, Tango) to Orange. If you already have an Orange line, go to your Customer Area or call our customer service to manage your offer.

    Have you decided to subscribe to an Orange Luxembourg offer?

    Good news: you can keep your old mobile phone number while changing operator.

    To make your portability request when ordering online:

    1. When adding the package to your basket, select "Keep my current number".

    2. You will need to fill in the following information:

    • Your current telephone number, which you wish to keep

    • The name of your current operator

    • The desired portability date. A minimum of 5 working days is required after the date of your order.

    • Your current SIM card number (ICCID number)

    The ICCID number consists of 19 digits. Here's how to find it:


    1. Open the Settings application

    1. Navigate to General > Information. The number is at the bottom of the page.

    2. Hold your finger on the number to copy it. Then simply paste it into the "current SIM number" field.

    Android: please note that the path to follow may vary slightly depending on your phone model.

    1. Open the Settings application on your phone.

    2. Navigate to "About" or "Information" depending on your phone, then "Status"

    3. Then select "IMEI Information".

    4. Your ICCID number will be displayed on the page.

    You can' t find this number or it is not 19 digits long? See below:

    On the back of your SIM card: you can also remove the SIM card from your phone. The 19-digit ICCID number should be printed on the back of the card.

    You will receive your order within 2 working days.

    While waiting for the portability date, you can already use your new Orange line with a temporary number that will be automatically assigned to you.

    You can also go to your nearest Orange Luxembourg shop or contact our Customer Service.

  • How do I configure my device?

    Our shop advisors are at your disposal for any questions about the configuration of your device.

    Our online configuration tool will take you through the steps to easily set up your device. Simply select your smartphone or tablet model and follow the instructions. 

    You can also subscribe to the Orange Tranquility option to have an Orange salesperson configure your new device directly.

  • What's Mobile Advantage?

    With Orange, you can buy the smartphone of your dreams without paying for it in one go, thanks to the Mobile Advantage.

    How does the Mobile Advantage work?
    Prefer not to pay for your smartphone in one go?
    Spread your payment and balance your budget while benefiting from a very attractive discount if you combine it with an Orange subscription.

    The payment process is as follows:

    1. Choose the smartphone you like

    2. Choose your mobile plan and benefit from a reduction on your smartphone (which will vary depending on the chosen plan)

    3. The remaining amount will be split over 24 months. This is the Mobile Advantage. It allows you to pay the price of your cell phone over 24 months at no cost

    What are the benefits of the Mobile Advantage?

    1. You don't have to pay a large amount at once to get the smartphone of your choice: you pay it in monthly installments

    2. You benefit from this advantage with no fees

    3. You receive a discount on the price of your smartphone thanks to your subscription with Orange

  • How do I contact an online advisor?

    Our advisors answer your questions instantly by chat, email, call or video via our Orange With You service.

    Chat directly with our advisors in the Chat menu at the bottom right of your screen or access all Orange With You services.

  • Can I recycle my old phone?

    Orange Luxembourg redeems your cell phone as a voucher and lets you save up to 400€ on your new smartphone.

    3 easy and quick steps for your mobile buyback:

    1. Estimate the trade-in value of your old phone

    2. Go to the shop to select your new phone

    3. Buy your smartphone and the package that best suits you

    Learn more about Orange Reprise

  • Conditions des offres Mobiles :

    • Prix exprimés TTC.
    • 1 unité = 1 minute = 1 SMS.
    • Volume internet hors forfait: 0,06€ par MB.
    • SMS hors forfait : 0,0702€.
    • Appel sortant hors forfait : 0,2223€ par minute.
    • MMS facturé à 0,2223€ en national, en roaming la consommation de données selon la longueur MMS sera facturé en supplément du coût du MMS.
    • Pour Feel, Like, BeUnlimited et MoveUnlimited : engagement 24 mois (avec l'achat d'un mobile) ou sans engagement (sans achat de mobile).
    • Pour Access+ et Hello : disponible uniquement sans engagement et sans achat de mobile.
    • Pour BeUnlimited et MoveUnlimited : 100GB d'Internet mobile illimité. Débit réduit à 512Kbit/s au delà.
    • Pour l’Internet mobile illimité, les usages réalisés peuvent faire l’objet d’une politique d’usage raisonnable de la part d’Orange. Afin de prévenir tout abus d’usage, Orange se réserve le droit, après notification faite au client, de restreindre l’accès au réseau, voire de suspendre la ligne en cas de récidive. Les usages étant considérés comme abusifs sont des connexions bloquant la bande passante, une consommation excessive via un autre matériel qu’un GSM, etc…
    • Tous les forfaits font l’objet d’une politique d’usage raisonnable du réseau afin de garantir la disponibilité et la qualité des réseaux pour tous. Elle est fixée à 1000 unités pour Feel et 3000 unités pour Like, BeUnlimited et MoveUnlimited.
    • Orange Tranquillité est valable au Luxembourg pour les clients Orange. Un téléphone est prêté pendant un mois maximum avec un système d’exploitation équivalent en fonction du parc d’appareils de prêt disponibles et hors données personnelles. Orange tranquillité est valable uniquement en cas de panne avec une réparation déposée chez Orange et dans la limite de 2 réparations annuelles.
    • Les appels effectués en roaming vers des numéros spéciaux (0800, 0900,...) et numéros courts ne sont pas compris et seront facturés selon les coûts définis par les prestataires de ces numéros. Le coût peut être facturé même si le numéro spécial est gratuit dans ce pays.
    • Conditions Orange Wednesdays et cinémas partenaires.
    • Pays ou territoires inclus dans les Pass Roaming.
    • Retrouvez l’ensemble de nos tarifs Internationaux et Roaming.
    • Le Réseau Orange.

    (1) Special offer until 31/05/2022 included: save €50 on the purchase of this smartphone alongside an unlimited mobile plan. New customers only. Offer also available in Orange shops or via Orange With You, while stocks last.