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The Advantages of
Smart Life


A robust system


Notifications very personal


A rapid on-site intervention by a G4S security officer in case of intrusion


Immediate Visual Checks


Everything is permanently connected


Maintenance included

Connected options

Discover the functioning when triggering the sensors

Remote monitoring system: how does it work?

Need to be guided?

See inside your home from a distance, wherever you are

How does the mobile app work?

Download the application "Free control" app on your mobile (compatible operating system: IOS and Android).

Browse the app and choose whether you want to access the images taken by your camera or turn on a light, for example.


Download app here:    

How to become a customer?


Choose your package with your Orange adviser in store.

A G4S expert will make you an appointment.


A technician performs the full installation in your home, explains how it works and tests the connection to the remote monitoring station.


Your home is monitored 24 hours a day.

Smart Security is the result of a partnership between Orange and G4S, world leader in security solutions.