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Tailored Services

Orange Luxembourg offers various services to improve your daily experience. Recycling your old phone, identifying unwanted numbers, free Kinépolis movie tickets... You have the choice and the control. Enjoy the services that suit you best!

It is also possible to pay for your applications and games on Google Play directly through your Orange invoice, to track your spending better and enjoy your favourite content more easily.

Services offered by Orange Luxembourg

Orange Reprise

Orange will buy back your mobile at the best market price. Bringing your old phone to the shop is not only good for the planet, it's also good for your wallet and an opportunity to enjoy new and innovative devices.


potential savings depending on the smartphone

Recycle your phone
Orange Reprise

Orange Wednesdays

With Orange Wednesdays, every Wednesday, 1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket free for all Orange customers in the Kinepolis and Ciné Utopia cinemas.


free ticket for a ticket bought

Receive a free cinema ticket
Orange Wednesdays

Orange Phone App

Want to quickly find out where hidden numbers are coming from? Want to avoid premium rate numbers or call emergency numbers in just a few clicks? The Orange Phone app protects you and allows you to instantly identify the origin of unknown numbers and unwanted calls.

Download Orange Phone App
Logo Orange Phone App

Google Play Invoicing

Pay your Google Play purchases directly via your Orange invoice or via your prepaid card. This way, you can enjoy your content now and pay later!

Use Google Play Invoicing
Google Play Invoicing