Orange Reprise

Orange Reprise

Recycle your former smartphones for voucher.

Up to

savings on your new mobile


Orange will buy back your mobile at the best market price

3 simple and quick steps for your mobile buyback :





  • Service available to all (whether or not you are an Orange customer)
  • Get back part of your investment
  • Use it to get yourself a new mobile




Buyback of your mobile
Do you want to get rid oy your old mobile ?
Orange will buy it back


The price displayed below is given for information only. It can change on a daily basis depending on your mobile's market value.
This offer is only valid in our Orange shops.
The actual value of a mobile assessed in the shop may be different from the estimated value on our site. The value assessed by the Orange resellers in the shop will prevail.
If your mobile is not listed, we invite you to go to the shop.
If the amount given by our estimation tool is 0€, Orange will take your phone back for recycling by offering you 2€ per phone to use the same day in the shop on an accessory or a telephone. Offer limited to 10 devices per year per person.