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Orange is with you, wherever and whenever you want.

Orange offers 6 services that will make your life easier.

Orange With You Video
Discover our products and services live via video calls.

It is sometimes difficult to be aware of the real size of a product or its color. With Orange Video Shopping, those days are over.

Our Orange expert will answer your questions live via a video call. Everything can be done virtually!

Be contacted by video
Orange With You Call
Video isn’t your cup of tea?

You can also ask all your questions without using video calls.

Here too, all our contracts are signed virtually. No more need to travel, just click on "Be contacted by phone" to have one of our agents online.

Be contacted by phone
Prefer to email?

That's good news!

You can ask your questions to our experts via this channel.

Be contacted by email
Prefer to email?
Orange With You Support
With Orange Support, surf with a free mind.

Orange Support is the guarantee of a technical service that listens to you and reacts quickly. A connection issue? We are here for you!

Contact a technician
Orange Delivery
If you cannot come to the shop, the shop will come to you.

Are your days busy, you don't have time to go to the shop? No worries, the shop comes to you!

We deliver your order within 48 hours in Luxembourg at the location of your choice.

Schedule a delivery