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Spot the signs of a video game addiction with Hello Esports podcast

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After the Hello Tomorrow podcast, we offer you, in partnership with the LESF (Luxembourg ESport Federation) and the Lëtzebuerger Journal, to discover the world of eSports with the Hello Esports podcast.

Esport is trendy, yet it remains largely unknown to the general public. Through the Hello Esports podcast, all the stakeholders of this movement speak out, in order to show what goes on behind the scenes and to shed light on the practice of this new sport.

After a first episode on LESF stakeholders, a second one on the backstage of competition, a third one on the lifestyle of an Esport player, and a fourth one on the management of an esport LXB club, today is time for a new episode of Hello Esports.

In this episode, Maxime sheds light on another, darker side of video games: addiction. Joined by Stéphane, who, during his studies, became addicted to World of Warcraft as he teased the pros with a 12th place on the game’s european ranking, and Andreas König, psychologist and psychotherapist at Ausgespillt, he discusses this often-overlooked disorder that is specific to gaming in the world of sports.

Have a good listening!

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