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5G benefits - Hello Tomorrow podcast


Hello Tomorrow - 3rd episode

With the Hello Tomorrow podcast, we invite you to discover Orange Luxembourg's field of expertise from a different angle. From supporting startups and freelancers, to 5G integration, to the latest trends in telecommunications, eSports and multimedia, get a glimpse of the possibilities of tomorrow's world.

After the Orange Fab incubator and phone recycling, it's time to talk about 5G networks!

5G is a major challenge for our future, whether you are an individual or a professional. Smart cities, connected objects, gaming, fast-growing connected devices: our needs in terms of connection are more and more demanding, and technology must adapt to these new needs. But what are the real advantages of 5G, and what will this technology offer to businesses more than 4G?

In this episode of Hello Tomorrow, the podcast of Orange Luxembourg, we have the pleasure to listen to the testimonies of Mustapha Rahem, B2C Sales Director at Orange Luxembourg, and Rida Klink, CEO of Augment, a startup for building management through new technologies.

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