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The Orange Fab incubator - Hello Tomorrow podcast


Hello Tomorrow - 1st episode

With the Hello Tomorrow podcast, we invite you to discover Orange Luxembourg's field of expertise from a different angle. From supporting startups and freelancers, to 5G integration, to the latest trends in telecommunications, eSports and multimedia, get a glimpse of the possibilities of tomorrow's world.

When you're a global company like Orange and you need to stay at the forefront of innovation, tapping into the agility and creativity of startups is key. The success story of the Orange Fab programme is the result of the desire to create a lasting structure that can be duplicated and adapted in several countries, and that allows startups to implement their solutions in concrete terms.

In this first episode of the Hello Tomorrow podcast, we are pleased to receive the testimonies of Juliette Malherbe - Orange Fab Manager Belgium/Luxembourg - and Casius Morea - founder and CEO of Emailtree, an email automation tool - who took part in the Orange Fab programme and was able to deploy his solution within the Orange group.

Enjoy your listening!

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