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The world of streaming (and speedrunning)

Hello Esports podcast #9

After the Hello Tomorrow podcast, we offer you, in partnership with the LESF (Luxembourg ESport Federation) and the Lëtzebuerger Journal, to discover the world of eSports with the Hello Esports podcast.

Summary of the episode

Esport is trendy, yet it remains largely unknown to the general public. Through the Hello Esports podcast, all the stakeholders of this movement speak out, in order to show what goes on behind the scenes and to shed light on this new sport.

In this episode we take a look at the world of streaming with GreenSnowDog, a streamer who holds several speedrunning records.

Through his stories, discover how streaming contributes to the growth of Esports, and dive into the world of Speedrunning, a discipline that is trying to make a place for itself among the classic eSports games.

Enjoy your listening! 🎧

Did you enjoy this podcast?

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