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Secure your phone from intrusion and use Lookout

Today, we increasingly use our smartphones and tablets for work and entertainment. Personal and sensitive information is often stored on them. It is therefore important to protect them against any attempts to retrieve personal data.

Continuous protection of your mobile

The Lookout application informs you in real time through notifications as soon as it detects applications that could damage your smartphone. The application also alerts you if your web browsing is not secure.

System Advisor: be alerted in case of a threat on your smartphone

In the same way as an antivirus on your computer, the Lookout application's System Advisor will alert you if your smartphone is exposed to threats. Lookout is even more effective if:

  • your OS is not up to date

  • your smartphone is jailbroken/unrooted

  • you install applications other than from the official store

Easily locate your phone

If your smartphone is lost or misplaced, you can make it ring and trigger an alert to find it.

Protect your smartphone against theft

Receive an email with the location of your smartphone and a picture of the potential thief (on Android only).

Connect to WiFi securely

Connecting to a public WiFi network can be dangerous. The Lookout app will send you alerts when the WiFi network you are connected to is not secure.

How to enable Lookout?

Orange Luxembourg integrates Lookout Premium for €2 per month into your mobile, and simplifies your access to this protection platform.

You can activate your Lookout option directly from your Customer Area.

If you don't have access to Orange Customer Area, you can activate your Lookout option by reaching us.

After your subscription, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Receive a confirmation by SMS with your personal license code. An SMS is sent within the hour following your subscription (if you do not receive the SMS, contact-us)

  2. Click on the personalised link you received on the SMS

  3. Install the Lookout application on your device (Google Play | Apple Store). If you already have the app installed, your license code received in the SMS will allow you to enable the service automatically.

  1. Log-in in to the application. You must create a Lookout account in the app with your email and password. Your credentials can be used on 5 devices max (download the app on your other devices and log-in with your credentials).

  2. And your smartphone is protected!

This option will be directly integrated into your mobile bill. Simple and effective 😊

The Lookout app is available on smartphones and tablets and for business clients.

Option available without commitment.