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Blocked plan - €2/month

  • Blocked plan benefits

    • No more extra charges.

    • The amount spent per month is fixed.

    • You control your consumption.

  • Need more units?

    You can refill your account with prepaid vouchers to keep communicating.

  • How to activate?

    • Go to your customer area and choose the line on which you want to activate the option.

    • You can also go to the shop or contact our customer service.

    • You can also disable it at any time.

  • When to activate?

    You can subscribe to this option at the time of your subscription but also after, any day of the month.

  • jeune femme avec sa fille regardant l'écran d'un iPhone
    Are you parents?

    Between social networks, gaming, streaming, calls, SMS... Teens have tons of different communication medias to use on their mobile. With the Blocked Package Option you can manage their usage while giving them some freedom.

    In addition, it teaches them to manage their volumes independently.

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