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Winterlights 2022: The Luxembourg Christmas Market

Noel Luxembourg

November 21th, 2022 - 11:30am

The Luxembourg Christmas Market is a must for the end of year 2022. Nicknamed Winterlights, it is held in the heart of the city and offers a journey into the magic of Christmas. What you will experience: lights, shows, concerts and stalls of all kinds in various key places of the city. Here are some information about these festivities in the Grand Duchy.

The key locations of the Luxembourg Christmas Market 2022

If you live in Luxembourg City, you have probably noticed that something is going on. You were right, the Christmas market is here.

This year, it officially starts on 18 November and will last for eight weeks. It is divided into several areas in the heart of the city. Five different locations will be illuminated in total during the Advent season.

The “Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart”, the place to be

The “Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart” is the central element of these winter festivities. Located on the famous Place d'Armes, it is made up of numerous chalets (around forty in total), allowing visitors to find presents to put under the Christmas tree: gift ideas for the whole family, decorations and sweets are on offer.

Have a walk from craftsman to craftsman in a magical setting: a large red-tinted Christmas tree and its nativity scene take pride of place. They are accompanied by colourful illuminations and two merry-go-rounds to entertain the children.

Open daily from 18/11/2022 to 01/01/2023 between 11am and 9pm (closes at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays). The "Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart" will be closed on 24/12/2022 and 25/12/2022.

The "Wantermaart", a gourmet's paradise

Are you hungry after your visit to the “Chrëschtmaart”? Don't panic! Go to Place de la Constitution and visit the “Wantermaart”.

This market is mainly dedicated to catering. There are more than forty chalets aiming to feed the gourmets. Sweet or salty, there is something for everyone. You will also find a golden Christmas tree.

And as a bonus, a ferris wheel is set up there every year. This is the opportunity to get a good view of the illuminated city, Adolphe Bridge and the Pétrusse.

Open daily from 18/11/2022 to 01/01/2023 between 11am and 9pm (closes at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays). The "Wantermaart" will be closed on 24/12/2022 and 25/12/2022.

The “Niklosmaart”, to meet Saint Nicholas

The “Niklosmaart” is located in the station district. As the name suggests, this is the market dedicated to Saint Nicholas.

On the programme: Advent wreaths, toys, sweet and savoury specialities, decorations and textiles. The perfect place to immerse yourself in the purest Luxembourg tradition. And don't miss the visit of Saint Nicholas himself on 4 December. He will reward children with a gift.

Open daily from 18/11/2022 to 01/01/2023 between 11am and 9pm (closes at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays). The Niklosmaart will be closed on 24/12/2022 and 25/12/2022.

"Winterkids" for the youngest

Winterkids is the perfect place to delight children. Located near Notre-Dame Cathedral in the courtyard of the former Athénée, the event offers to stimulate children's creativity through various activities and shows.

For example, you will find many workshops for creating all kinds of objects (made of wood, wax and even... forge). But it is also an opportunity to take the youngest visitors on a journey by offering them readings and plays at the end of the day.

Open daily from 01/12/2022 to 23/12/2022

The "Wanterpark" on Kinnekswiss

This year there is no ice rink on Kinnekswiss. However, there is a lovely gastronomic village to complete your visit to the "Wantermaart".

Daily opening from 18/11/2022 to 01/01/2023 between 11am and 9pm (closing at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays). The Wanterpark will be closed on 24/12/2022 and 25/12/2022.

What will change in 2022

As you may have noticed, the city of Luxembourg has taken measures to reduce its energy consumption. The end of year festivities are therefore being adapted through several measures.

As said earlier, no ice rink will be installed in 2022. The aim is to reduce the energy consumption of the Christmas market by 30%.

In addition, an effort has also been made on the lights. They are usually lit 19 hours a day during this period. This year this time slot has been reduced to 6 hours a day. The aim is to reduce the consumption of lights by 65%.

Last but not least, no heaters will be allowed outside on the markets. So don't forget to put on a little extra wool!

Our gift ideas for a connected Christmas

Haven't found the perfect gift at the Luxembourg Christmas market? Don't panic, it's already Christmas at Orange! So we've prepared a few ideas to complete your gift search. Between smartphones, connected watches, bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones and video projectors... you will find what you're looking for and what your loved ones will like.