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Podcasts in Luxembourg: our selection for 2023

Article podcasts luxembourgeois 2023

January 20, 2023 - 2pm

Fun, easy to listen to and rich in subject matter, podcasts have become one of the most consumed media formats on a daily basis. Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of this market: no less than 900,000 podcasts were created in 2020, three times the figure for 2019.

Among the most popular countries we can find the USA, followed by Scandinavia with Sweden and Norway in the top three. Sweden is the country with the highest proportion of inhabitants listening to podcasts, with no less than 47% of listeners.

Germany and France are also in the top 20, but not Luxembourg. So one might wonder what the trend is in the Grand Duchy.

Why this exponential success?

Practical: In an ever-changing world, subject to daily innovations in any market, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with what's new. So podcasts have come to the forefront by addressing this problem that millions of people have. And whether you are jogging, driving or taking a break, there are as many ways to access them as there are podcasts to listen to.

Fun: For many, they are a compendium of information on demand. Like the playlists on streaming platforms oronline advertisements, they are gradually replacing radio stations.

Accessible: Platforms that host podcasts are also multiplying. However, a few have become benchmarks. This is the case of Apple Podcasts, which is systematically integrated into iPhones. Spotify is also well known and stands out for its innovations, such as Spotify Greenroom. These are audio lives where creators participate with their audiences, making the experience more immersive. However, it's YouTube that sits atop the list, thanks to video podcasts, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Diversified: Health, lifestyle, finance, technology, there is a plethora of topics of conversation. Since 2019 there is a real boom, to the point where it is estimated that by 2024 there will be more than 500 million listeners worldwide.

The 5 most listened podcasts in Luxembourg

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