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Orange launches a video technical support service for its fiber subscribers

Assistance vidéo
Press release

January 17th, 2023 - 10:30am

Orange Luxembourg now offers the possibility to access a technical assistance service via video for all Orange Fiber subscribers. A premiere in Luxembourg.

Thanks to an advanced video platform, which is based on artificial intelligence, the remote advisor can now assist his customer by video and quickly solve potential anomalies. With the use of augmented reality, the solution can also effectively guide the user in the steps to restore the connection.

Video assistance allows 80% of reported anomalies to be resolved without the need for a technician.

Bertrange, 16 January 2023 - From now on, when an Orange Luxembourg fiber customer calls the fiber helpdesk, they will be guided through an innovative video solution. The Luxembourg operator is the first in the market to implement such a service, which will resolve customer problems more efficiently and ensure a better fiber connectivity experience.

Video to better support users

The quality of customer service depends on effective support, enabling a rapid response to any malfunction encountered by the customer," explains France-Diane Hardy, Director of Customer Service at Orange Luxembourg. Most of the problems encountered with fiber are linked to incorrect connections or the configuration of the box. Video assistance, when accompanying our customers, allows us to make an effective diagnosis and to respond directly.

Better diagnosis and effective user guidance

When calling for support, the user is invited to connect to the intelligent video platform set up by the advisor by clicking on a link sent by SMS. The customer can then show his setup to the remote technician. "The platform incorporates artificial intelligence technology which can retrieve a range of information relating to the model and the date of its installation, by scanning the box's identification number," explains France-Diane Hardy. "In this way, we can understand much more quickly what is not working and guide the customer effectively in resolving the problem."

80% of calls resolved without the need for a technician

The solution also uses augmented reality. Through video, the technician can give the customer instructions on how to restore the connection. The interface is simple, intuitive and 100% secure, allowing everyone to find an effective response to every connectivity problem. "Thanks to this solution, 80% of calls can be resolved directly, without the need for a remote or on-site technician," adds France-Diane Hardy.

Improving the user experience

Thanks to such an innovative solution, support becomes more efficient. The technicians can answer more effectively to user requests. In this way, Orange ensures customer satisfaction. "We are constantly exploring ways to improve the experience of our customers," continues France-Diane Hardy. "In terms of our sales channels, we already offer our online customers the opportunity to interact with our advisors via video. The solution is very popular. Now, it is at the level of after-sales service that video contributes to meeting our customers' expectations, ensuring that they find a quick response to each problem, so that they can fully benefit from the power of Orange fiber."