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Orange eLeague Season 3: 103 clubs, 2 entries for the FIFA Global Series

eLeague Saison 3
Press release

February 1st 2023 - 3:30pm

The Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF) in collaboration with Orange Luxembourg are joining forces for the third consecutive year to offer a new season of the Orange eLeague.

In the coming weeks, 103 football clubs will compete in FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 in an eSport competition that is now a must. As last year, the competition will also feature a section that is open to private individuals, Esport enthusiasts and professionals in Luxembourg. This year, the best two players in the country will represent Luxembourg at the EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Global Series and not the best player only.

Bertrange, February 15, 2023 - The Orange eLeague is on its way for a third season. From 15 March to 10 June, this official eSport competition in Luxembourg will reveal the best FIFA 23 players in the country.

This year's season is once again proposed by the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF) and Orange Luxembourg. Like last year, it will have two parts. On the one hand, the competition will see representatives from each of the FLF's member clubs, from the national division to the third division, compete against each other, i.e. some 103 teams of two players. Secondly, an individual tournament will allow the country's best players, whether amateur or professional, club or non-club, to compete for one of two EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Global Series Wild Cards.

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16 who is a resident of Luxembourg or who can claim Luxembourg citizenship.

Taking part in an international competition

"After the success of the previous edition during which 488 matches were played in 10 weeks, we are delighted to start this new season", said Gilles Faber, representative of the Luxembourg Football Federation. "This event is generating growing enthusiasm among our members, while contributing to the recognition of eSport as a sport. We are also very proud to be able to place this organisation in the context of the official international competition of the Global Series and, through it, to reveal local talent abroad. In addition, this year we hold two qualifying places for the global grand final."

Improving the level, professionalising the sport

Last season revealed some promising talents who will be back in the running this year. Indeed, the four finalists of last year's team edition as well as the four best players of the individual edition will directly access the final phase of the competition. "More than ever, we want to raise the level of the competition and contribute to the professionalisation of the sport," explains Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. "We want talented players to be able to emerge in the Grand Duchy and if necessary, to consider a professional career. To this end, we will be able to count on the support of the referers of this third edition, two athletes who play for the national football teams. They will be able to support the participants by sharing their experience and the state of mind required to perform at the highest level. The competition is played on PlayStation 5, but it requires a real commitment and a strong mindset to win. Our wish is to contribute to the professionalisation of the sport," continues Barbara Fangille. "We hope that a player will be able to carry the country's colours as far as possible in the international competition."

Rising popularity

Throughout the new season, the competition will be streamed online. The Individual Grand Final will take place in a physical location to be announced shortly.

Team Edition

  • Registration: 27.01.2023 – 26.02.2023

  • Qualifier Day 1: 04.03.2023

  • Qualifier Day 2: 05.03.2023

  • Regular Season: 15.03.-10.05.2023

  • Matchday 1: 15.03.2023

  • Matchday 2: 29.03.2023

  • Matchday 3: 12.04.2023

  • Matchday 4: 19.04.2023

  • Matchday 5: 26.04.2023

  • Matchday 6: 10.05.2023

  • Teams Final: 20.05.2023 – 21.05.2023


  • Open Qualifier: 23.-24.05.2023

  • Grand Final: 10.06.2023

Additional information:

  • Hardware: PS5, Game: FIFA 23

  • Game mode: FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) with accounts provided by EA Sports for the regular season

  • Participating clubs: all football clubs affiliated to the FLF

  • Number of players required: 2 (players are not required to have a club licence)

  • Age: at least 16 years old, Nationality or Residence: Luxembourgish

  • Win: Minimum prize pool of €5,000 and 2 tickets to the EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Global Series

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