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Orange opens a new shop: the first telecom shop in the Kirchberg Shopping Center

Press Release

Luxembourg, September 1st 2021

With the opening of its shop in the Kirchberg Shopping Center, Orange intends to further extend its local coverage. The operator now has 11 retail outlets - 9 shops and 2 partner boutiques - across the country.

Although Orange Luxembourg has been present in the heart of the Kirchberg district since 2009, until then it only had a corner in the Auchan hypermarket. From September 1st 2021, the operator will be operating a shop in the shopping center's gallery.

The first telecom shop in the Kirchberg Shopping Center

Mustapha Rahem, Head of Distribution - Orange Luxembourg

"Until now, there was no telecom operator in the gallery. With this new shop, Orange becomes the first telecom shop in the Kirchberg Shopping Center."

Sébastien Mercier, Director - Kirchberg Shopping Center

"We are pleased to welcome a telecommunications operator such as Orange, a reference on the Luxembourgish and international market, known for investing in new technologies and offering a personalised and innovative service, to the Kirchberg Shopping Center. This opening is part of the commercial development of the Kirchberg that started a few months ago and which has already resulted in the addition of new brands such as Guess, Thomas Piron and Edora, as well as the renovation of the interior design and the identity of the shopping center."

A range of personalised products and services

With this shop, Orange Luxembourg wants to strengthen its presence and support for the residents and workers of Kirchberg.

To this end, the operator is presenting its key products and services dedicated to individuals: mobile plans, fiber subscriptions, 4G Homebox, Love packages with internet, mobile and television, etc. Customers can rely on the expertise of the shop's advisors to help them find the subscription best suited to their needs.

On an area of almost 80 m2, visitors can also discover the latest smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other connected devices and accessories.

For businesses, the Orange shop also offers its business products and services: devices, mobile packages, fiber subscriptions and IT solutions, all adapted to the professional needs of the self-employed, small, medium and large companies.

A physical and digital presence

In recent months, in order to better meet consumer expectations, particularly in the context of the health crisis, the operator has stepped up its digital support with its innovative services "Orange Video Shopping", "Orange Call Shopping" and "Orange Live Shopping". But Orange Luxembourg also intends to stay close to its customers physically, through its shops spread throughout the country.

Orange Kirchberg info

Auchan Kirchberg Shopping Center
5, rue Alphonse Weicker
L-2721 Luxembourg
Phone: 80061606

Open monday to friday from 9am to 8pm, saturday from 9am to 7pm.