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The network: the starting point of digital access for all


November 25th, 2021 - 6pm

Digitalization is increasing day by day in many fields of activity, making digital access more and more important. Orange Luxembourg maintains and develops its mobile network to allow all Luxembourgers to be perfectly connected.

Communicating with the administration, making purchases, managing bank accounts... Today, many essential operations are performed online, and often from a mobile device. Digital access to everywhere, more than an amenity, has therefore become an imperative.

To guarantee this access to a quality mobile network throughout the country, Orange Luxembourg has increased its investments over the past few years. The main project at this level concerns the deployment of the 5G network. In Luxembourg, the first sites to set up this network have been installed, but it will take a few more years to cover the whole territory.

Strengthen the 4G and 4G+ network

Operators are therefore already working hard to prepare the network for tomorrow. However, today, a very small part of the population is equipped with a 5G phone. This means that the vast majority of the luxembourgish residents continue to use a 4G or 4G+ connection. This last evolution has already allowed to considerably increase the speed offered (up to 250 Mbits in download).

For all these users, Orange Luxembourg is therefore responsible for maintaining and improving the existing 4G and 4G+ network. At this level, the operator is making significant efforts to continue to optimize these networks. The partnership recently signed with Nokia will not only enable the development of 5G, but also improve the efficiency of 4G and 4G+ networks.

Limitless uses with 5G

The maintenance of existing networks, which now cover 99.8% of the population, is all the more important as the rollout of the 5G network will initially involve a high-performance 4G+ core network. Data rate and latency will already be improved in this first phase of 5G implementation.

Already active in the country, the 5G network will lead to the development of applications with revolutionary potential. It will be possible, for example, to broadcast live, and in a hologram, a concert taking place several hundred kilometers away.

A demonstration of this hologram technology was presented by Orange Luxembourg during the Connecting Tomorrow exhibition at LuxExpo The Box in October 2021. Cloud gaming will also be facilitated by 5G, as will the development of autonomous cars.

By guaranteeing access to a reliable and responsive mobile network throughout the country, Orange Luxembourg is already preparing for these technological developments that will have a significant impact on our lives.