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Orange Luxembourg takes up residence in the metaverse with a new shop and a second mystery land.

Press release

June 29th, 2022 - 16:30pm

Orange Luxembourg has acquired two lands within the new Luxembourg metaverse presented on June 29 and developed by The Dots and Virtual Rangers.

The operator opens the first shop of its kind in the Grand Duchy, offering a new immersive experience to its customers. It is from this "made in Luxembourg" virtual environment that the Orange Group also intends to explore the new possibilities offered by the metaverse in terms of innovation and digital best practises. A second space will be devoted to these issues. It will be unveiled on July 7, at an unprecedented virtual international press conference.

Bertrange, June 29, 2022 - Orange Luxembourg is pleased to announce the opening of its first shop within the metaverse. It was developed on a space purchased in "The Luxembourg Metaverse", a new virtual environment developed by The Dots and Virtual Rangers presented on June 29.

Offer an immersive experience

"This shop, in which visitors will be able to interact directly with our sellers, was built on one of the two plots we acquired in this new metaverse," explains Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. This approach aims to explore the possibilities associated with these new environments. The desire is to offer a unique immersive experience to our customers. We see the metaverse as a new channel to offer our products and services and interact with our customers. It is complementary to our other online channels, whether it is our e-shop, video-shopping or live-shopping sessions.”

A real commercial space in the heart of the metaverse

Visitors to The Luxembourg Metaverse will be able to go to the Orange shop, where they can find Jordy and Ilhan, two sellers now known to the operator's customers, who are permanently present in the form of avatars, and interact with them.

"Customers will be able to get advice and access our entire offer currently available online," continues Barbara Fangille. At the heart of this shop, the visitor will also be able to access a set of content relating to the operator's commitments, the takeover and upgrading of mobile devices, videos on the technological solutions offered, or professional connectivity offers.

The Luxembourg metaverse, a laboratory of innovation for Orange

But Orange Luxembourg's investment in the Luxembourg metaverse is not limited to this commercial space. Orange intends to use this virtual environment accessible to all as a laboratory for innovation and support for the good uses of digital technology. In this perspective, the operator has acquired a second plot, on which it will deploy a new place.

It will be presented on July 7, at an international press conference in "The Luxembourg Metaverse".

Barbara FANGILLE, Head of Communication Orange Luxembourg

"We want to explore the possibilities related to the development of these virtual environments and create a place of exchange with Luxembourg start-ups. Our desire is also to support our customers by raising awareness of the opportunities and dangers associated with these virtual environments."

Attend the Orange press conference in the Luxembourg metaverse

Innovation aspects and cyber defence issues will be at the heart of this second space. They will also be the main topic of the press conference proposed in the presence of Orange Luxembourg executives and experts in the metaverse and cyber defence.

Attend the press conference in « The Luxembourg Metaverse »

And then follow the instructions on the screen. The press conference is accessible with or without virtual reality headset.