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LUNEX University trains and professionalizes the Orange eLeague players

Lunex x Orange Luxembourg
Press release

March 10th 2023 - 6:00pm

For the third season of the Orange eLeague, Orange Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Football Federation announce a new partnership with LUNEX University in order to provide qualified players with quality coaching.

Throughout the competition, training will be offered to them in order to prepare them mentally and physically for each match and to give them the keys to a professional career.

Bertrange, 10 March 2023 - Season 3 of the Orange eLeague will start on 15 March. 12 Esport teams, each composed of 2 players from the clubs of the Luxembourg Football Federation (FLF), will compete on FIFA23 and will compete for the team trophy of this third season during 10 weeks. In addition, an individual competition will offer several independent players the opportunity to showcase their talent in the must-have football video game and win one of two Wild Cards for the EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Global Series, an international competition.

At the beginning of the competition, Orange Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Football Federation announced a unique partnership in Luxembourg with LUNEX University, to offer quality coaching to the participants. Our aim is to prepare the participants in a professional way," explains Gilles Faber, representative of the Luxembourg Football Federation. Each of the participants as well as the Esport managers of each of our member clubs will be able to benefit from a special training and coaching developed by the experts of LUNEX University.

Contributing to the development of the discipline

In Differdange, LUNEX University offers a modern environment for studies and research in the fields of health, sport and management. This educational institution offers bachelor's and master's degrees in physiotherapy, sports and exercise science, sports management, nutrition, fitness and health, and occupational health and well-being.

"Esport is a subject that we have been interested in for three years at our institution. We are very proud to support the Orange eLeague and, through this partnership, to be able to contribute to the development of this increasingly popular sport. At the heart of our approach, we will be able to train the participants to be more efficient and safer", comments Timothy Driscoll, Professor at LUNEX University.

A comprehensive 10-hour training course

The participants in this third season of the Orange eLeague will benefit from a 10-hour training course, divided into five two-hour sessions, which will cover topics such as performance - in particular by improving reactivity and reflexes -, injury prevention - with warm-up techniques -, mental preparation, before, during and after matches, career management - with the learning of concepts around the image of the brand, the management of sponsors and the media, etc. Based on our expertise, eSport players will be able to gain valuable skills that will help them become better players, but also to be more aware of their gaming habits and their impact on their mind and body," adds Timothy Driscoll.

Preparing participants for international competition

The move is part of a drive to professionalise this increasingly popular sport in its own right. For several years now, as a technical partner of the Esportifs, we have been trying to raise the level of Esport in Luxembourg with a view to enabling talented players to emerge at international level," comments Barbara Fangille, Head of Communication at Orange Luxembourg. As part of this competition, the winners will represent Luxembourg at the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series Event at an international level. During this event, they will compete against professional players, who are usually coached. This new partnership aims to better prepare them for this final, but also to give them the keys to consider a professional career in this field.

Follow the competition on RTL Play and Twitch

Esport in Luxembourg is a growing success, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of members and participants in events. The popularity is also reflected in the growing audience for the broadcasts of the competition on streaming platforms such as Twitch and RTL Play, on which all matches will be transmitted, including the opening match on 15 March.