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Orange Luxembourg joins LU-CIX Management G.I.E.

Press release
Press release

June 16th, 2022 - 2pm

Orange has just joined the LU-CIX Management G.I.E. group to contribute, with the whole Luxembourgish internet and telecom ecosystem, to the reinforcement and diversification of local internet infrastructures and services as well as to national and international connectivity.

A unique partnership

Bertrange, May 16th 2022 - Orange Luxembourg has joined the Groupement d’lntérêt Économique LU-CIX Management. This 21-member structure made up of key public and private players active in the digital and telecommunications sectors in Luxembourg, has the mission of developing, strengthening and securing all the technical infrastructures that support Internet exchanges throughout the country.

LU-CIX was created in 2009 by public and private actors to respond in a coordinated manner to common needs in terms of digital exchanges via the Internet and connectivity. Its members, bringing together all the key organizations in the sector, work together to ensure a secure, robust and resilient Internet for all organizations and users in Luxembourg. Since its inception, LU-CIX Management has operated the national Internet traffic exchange node, the backbone of the Grand Duchy's Internet.

"At the heart of an increasingly digital society, being able to guarantee the exchange of information and communication between players on a national and international scale is a major challenge", explains Paul Konsbruck, President of LU-CIX Management. To meet this challenge, we wanted to mobilize all of the forces present throughout the country through an exceptional partnership. As such, we are pleased to welcome a player of Orange's impodance to our Grouping to continue strengthening the country's connectivity."

Strengthening connectivity and deploying 5G

5G and ultra-high-speed broadband across the country are big plans for the entire national economy. "The challenges ahead are many. To meet them, we are pleased to be able to rely on all the forces that make up the Luxembourg digital ecosystem," explains Claude Demuth. Orange Luxembourg is a key player that will be able to support our missions by offering its know-how and more particularly its expedition as an international group. United in the interest of all, starting with network users, our desire is to be able to support the development of an efficient, robust and resilient infrastructure."

Committed to the interests of Luxembourg

In this context, Orange Luxembourg intends to contribute to the mission of LU-CIX, by providing skills and extensive international expertise in network implementation and management.

"In a context of SG network deployment, we are very happy to be able to support the dynamics implemented by LU-CIX and to contribute to the development of a digital Luxembourg. LU-CIX is an exceptional structure, which allows actors from the public and private sectors to work in a coordinated way" comments Corinne Lozé Chief Executive Officer at Orange Luxembourg.