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Signature of the first collective agreement for Orange Luxembourg

Press Release
Press Release

Friday 14 january 2021 - 6pm

After several months of constructive negotiations, the management of Orange Luxembourg and the OGBL have signed this friday the first collective agreement of the operator. Orange Luxembourg is pleased with this step forward, which meets a real demand from employees. It is in line with the commitments made by the company to better meet the expectations and concerns of its teams.

This Friday morning, the management of Orange Luxembourg and the staff delegation, represented by the OBGL, signed the first collective labour agreement of the Luxembourg telephone operator. Orange Luxembourg welcomes the constructive and transparent contribution of both the company and the social partners.

The agreement, which is valid for a period of three years, includes all the legal and extra-legal provisions proposed by Orange Luxembourg regarding the rights and benefits of employees in terms of remuneration, training, evaluation, leave and working hours.

Delphine Guilbert, HR Director - Orange Luxembourg

"This first agreement formalises the benefits that our company has been offering its employees for several years. Through it, we also wanted to respond to the new expectations and needs expressed by employees in the current context."

To this end, Orange has introduced a series of elements aimed at improving the working conditions of employees throughout their time with the company. With this agreement, new benefits relating to remuneration and working hours (flexibility, remote working, additional days off) have been introduced.

Delphine Guilbert, HR Director - Orange Luxembourg

"In this way, the agreement intends to contribute to strengthening the commitment of employees within Orange over the long term."

This first collective agreement is part of the continuity of the actions carried out in recent months by the operator to improve the management of human resources in a spirit of fairness and appreciation of all the efforts made by the teams.

In this context, Orange Luxembourg has obtained the international GEEIS "Gender Equality European & International Standard" certification as well as the "Positive Actions" label from the Ministry of Equality between Men and Women. In 2021, Orange Luxembourg was also elected "Top Employer" for the sixth consecutive time by the Top Employers Institute.