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6 apps that help you do your part for the planet


November 12th, 2021 - 10am

Reduce your impact on the environment and do your part for the planet? It's now possible in 3 steps via your smartphone. Here are our 6 favorite applications that help you make small gestures for the planet in your daily life.

FoodForAll: The app that addresses food waste

When products reach their sell-by date in supermarkets, they often end up being thrown away for lack of buyers. However, these foods are still perfectly edible. Food waste is a challenge to feed the population, but also to preserve our planet.

FoodForAll allows you to shop among hundreds of short-dated products at very low prices. It's an opportunity to save your products from the garbage and to do good to your wallet. In addition, the app offers video recipes based on the selected products.

♻ Download FoodForAll for free on Android or iPhone.

If you want to find out more about this app, check out the episode of The Elevator dedicated to it.

Vinted: shopping that's good for your wallet and the planet

Are you a fan of fashion and smart online shopping? Vinted is the application made for you. Not only does it allow you to sell the clothes that are cluttering up the back of your closet, but you can also find the clothes you love second-hand.

A non-negotiable advantage compared to physical second-hand stores is that the offer is much wider. You can find everything you need, from head to toe: clothes of course, but also shoes, accessories, designer pieces or cosmetics. Shopping for second-hand fashion items has never been so easy and trendy.

In short, Vinted is the perfect app for anyone who wants to get into the sustainable fashion loop.

♻ Download Vinted for free on Android or iPhone.

JouleBug: the app that raises awareness of small gestures for the planet while playing

There are a lot of articles on the internet to inform you on how to reduce your ecological footprint. JouleBug presents you the main tips in the form of games to learn small actions to do on a daily basis for a more sustainable way of life, all in the form of a game.

To share best practices, JouleBug allows you to team up with your friends, family or colleagues to complete challenges. Each challenge you complete earns you points: buy a local product, use reusable bags for shopping, reduce your meat consumption, and many other small gestures, each one simpler than the next. The one who gets the highest score is obviously the winner.

Why not use this game format to strengthen team cohesion in companies?

♻ Download JouleBug for free on Android or iPhone.

Fintap: water for its reusable bottle all over the world

We consume more than 30 kilos of plastic waste per year and per person, this staggering statistic is directly impacted by the use of disposable packaging and single use plastics. So plastic water bottles are a habit to forget, why not use a water bottle instead? It's a great solution, but where to fill it when you're outside?

Findtap has the solution, this site lists the places where you can find free refills for your water bottle, all over the world. So for all travelers or walkers, FindTap is made for you, wherever you go.

♻ Get FindTap directly online.

Zero Waste Objective: the app that turns you into a zero waste pro

For that nothing could be simpler, this application proposes you to take up challenges to reduce your waste production, objective: save the planet.

Zero Waste Objective becomes your personal coach and accompanies you towards a more planet-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Zero Waste Objective is available for free on Android, but not yet on iPhone.

Go Green Challenge: your companion in the ecological transition

This application will also help you switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle with daily missions and tasks to perform. In addition to helping you change your habits and behavior for a more planet-friendly life, this application will provide you with knowledge about the climate and the environment. This will allow you to make a smooth ecological transition, accompanied by a follow-up of your progress.

♻ Download Go Green Challenge for free on iPhone or Android.

Orange Luxembourg acts for the planet

In addition to doing something for the planet, did you know that when you bring your old smartphone back to Orange you save money? Indeed, when you go to an Orange shop to buy the phone of your dreams, take the opportunity to bring back your old phone instead of letting it gather dust in a drawer. Your old phone will then be valued according to its brand and model and you will be able to exchange it for up to 700€ in vouchers. So what are you waiting for to help the planet and your wallet?