Orange jobs

Orange is one of the leading telecommunication operators worldwide.

Present in 30 countries, we facilitate digital life of more than 239 million clients.

In Luxembourg, 150 employees daily work to facilitate digital life of the Luxembourg clients. To facilitate digital life means to extend radio coverage for very high mobile throughput to the whole population with networks of the latest generation, to offer innovative services to residents as well as to businesses, with the latest smartphones, highspeed internet via landlines and quality cable tv. Focussed on client's satisfaction, Orange experts in the 16 shops and in the customer care centre in Bertrange support our clients day by day.

These job opportunities: women or men, we make sure they are accessible to everyone. To us gender equity in professional life is an essential condition to social and economic performance. Professional equity also means equal opportunities, specially for young persons to access a first job.

Through the diversity of their professions, women and men at Orange daily transform a technological challenge into a human adventure.